3LPP Anti-corrosion Coated Steel Pipes

High quality spiral steel pipe,Website:http://www.ausinpipeline.com, ERW steel pipe, seamless steel pipe coated material, anti-corrosion pipe Three Polypropylene(3LPP),two Polypropylene (2LPP) pipe coatings for oil and gas pipes.3LPP System is a multilayer coating composed of three functional components. This anti-corrosion system consists of a high performance fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) followed by a copolymer adhesive and an outer layer of polypropylene which provides the toughest, most durable pipe coating solution available. 3LPP Systems provide excellent pipeline protection for small and large diameter pipelines with high operating temperatures.Standard: DIN30678, CSA Z245.21-02, NF A49-711, ISO 9001:2008Process:(1) Sanding blast SA2.5 (2) First layer FBE thickness as per standard(3) Second layer Adhesive thickness as per standard(4) Third layer Polypropylene thickness as per standard(5) End Cutting Beveled 30degree, cutback 20mm from endThe minimum thickness of anti-corrosion layers of 3LPP and 3LPE anti-corrosion systemsPipe ODmmThe minimum thickness of anti-corrosion layers (mm)PPPEFBEAdhesives3LPP total thickness3LPE total thickness≤1001.> 100 and ≤ 2501.> 250 and < 5001.≥ 500 and < 8002.≥8002. working life of 3LPP anti-corrosion (DIN 30678)Operating Temperature ℃Expected the shortest working life ( year)23506050803090151008When used at where the temperature is changed, the working life can be concluded as above.Product Application Process    


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