PW, PWF Cantilever Centrifugal Sewage Pump

Product name: PW,Website:, PWF cantilever centrifugal sewage pumpProduct category: sewage pumpI. Product OverviewPW, PWF cantilever centrifugal sewage pump is single-stage single-suction centrifugal sewage pump The pump inlet is in axial horizontal direction and the pump outlet can be installed in horizontal or vertical direction according to actual need. It is mainly composed of pump cover, pump casing, impeller, shaft seal, shaft and bracket. The shaft seal is designed with a new form of double-end mechanical seal structure. The pump is installed on a common base with motor, and is directly driven by the motor through flexible coupling. The pump has the features of high efficiency, energy-saving, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance and so on.All of our products are designed and optimized by computer processing. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality. (Material, cast iron, stainless steel)II. Application Scope:1. PW ordinary sewage pump can convey sewage, long fiber materials containing suspended solid particles and living waste water. Pump body is made of high-quality cast iron and the medium temperature does not exceed 100℃.2, PWF corrosion-resistant sewage pump can convey acidic, alkaline or other corrosive sewage. It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, pharmaceutical, brewing, environmental protection and sewage treatment industries. Pump body and flow components are made of 304 stainless steel, and the medium temperature is not higher than 100℃.III. Technical Parameters:Q: 36-180m3/hHead: 8.5-48.5m;Motor power: 4-30KW;Rotating speed: 960-2950r/min;Diameter: φ65-φ100;Medium temperature: ≤100℃.IV. Meaning of ModelsParameters of PW, PWF Cantilever Centrifugal Sewage Pump


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