AS And AV Submersible Sewage Pump

Product name: AS,Website:, AV submerged sewage pumpProduct categories: sewage pumpI. Product OverviewAS, AV submerged sewage pump is researched by the company by adopting Germany ABS company's advanced technology. This series of pump have a tearing structure, which can tear and cut long fiber, bag, belt, grass, cloth and other substances in sewages and discharge them. It is particularly suitable for conveying liquids containing hard solids and fibers, as well particularly dirty, sticky and slippery liquids.This series of sewage pump has advanced and proven hydraulic performance. Through performance testing, all indicators are found to be in line with the design requirements.All of our products are designed and optimized by computer processing. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality.II. Application Scope:It is applicable for transporting wastewater and sewage containing particles and fibers in the fields of chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, power plants and municipal wastewater treatment, municipal engineering and other public sewage facilities.III. Product Features1. Strong sewage-drain capacity and non-plug allow it to effectively discharge solid particles with diameters between φ30 and φ80 mm.2. The tearing unit can tear and cut the fibrous materials and then smoothly discharge them. There is no need to add filter screen.3. The design is reasonable, the power of matching motor is low, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable.4. By using the latest materials for mechanical seal, it can safely work for more than 8,000 hours continuously.5. Its structure is compact, and it is easy to move and install. You do not need to build a pumping station, and thus the project cost is reduced.6. Owing to its automatic dual-rail mounting system, it is easy to install and maintain, and person does not need to enter sump.7. The float switch can automatically control the starting and ending of pump according to the change of water level. It does not need special care.8. Automatic control box can be equipped to effectively protect electric and water leakage and overload, so as to improve safety and reliability of product.IV. Technical Parameters:Q: 15-145m3/hHead: 4-25mRotating Speed: 1450-2900r/minDiameter: φ76-φ152;Temperature range: -15 - +40 ℃;Working pressure: ≤1.0Mpa.V. Meaning of ModelsInstallation SizeStructure DrawingCurve GraphExternal SizePerformance ParameterModelQm3/hHead(m)Power(kw)Rotating Speed(r/min)Fixed Voltage(V)Diameter of Supporting Hose(mm)AS10-2W/CB1541.1285022076AS10-2CB154.51.1285038076AS16-2CB297.61.5285038076AS30-2CB42113.0285038076AS55-2CB45135.52900380127AS55-4CB1007.55.51450380152AS75-2CB60187.52900380127AS75-4CB145107.51450380152AV14-4225.81.5145038076AV55-230205.5290038076AV75-230257.5290038076


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