I-1B Series Underflow Pump

Product name: I-1B series underflow pumpProduct category: screw pumpⅠ Product OverviewI-1B series underflow pump is a single screw volumetric rotary pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, which uses the screw of offset single screw to rotate inside the double-screw lining, making slurry pushed from the inlet to the outlet along the screw groove, so as to achieve the pump delivery function.Ⅱ Product Feature:ⅰ Deliver suspension slurry of high concentration and high viscosity, less than10000PaS and containing particles.ⅱ The delivered flow is stable, with no overflowing, pulsation and agitation, as well as slurry cutting.ⅲ The outlet pressure has nothing to do with rotate speed, while the flow is also capable of maintaining high outlet pressure.ⅳ The flow is in direct proportion to rotate speed, while the flow regulation could be achieved through speed change mechanism or adjustable-speed motor.ⅴ Strong self-absorption capacity, with no need for bottom valve, as it could absorb liquids directly.ⅵ The pump is reversible, while its flow direction changes in line with pump rotation direction and it applies to pipes requiring for reverse and forward rinse. ⅶ Operate stably, and vibrate with low noise.ⅷ Simple structure and convenient for assembly, disassembly and maintenance.This pump is widely applied to such industries as chemical engineering, pharmacy, brewery, papermaking, and food.Ⅲ Materials of Construction and Form:I-1BB model: shell castings and transmission parts (main shaft, screw and around axis) are made of 2Cr13 stainless steel, and applicable to the delivery of common neutral underflow, and common micro acid and alkaline slurries. I-1BF model: transmission parts and pump shell in contact with slurries are made of stainless steel, and applicable to the delivery of food, pharmacy, and corrosive slurries.For rubber lining, there are common wear-resisting rubber, rubber used for foodstuff, and oil resistant rubber optional for user.Transmission mode includes direct transmission between motor and pump shaft, direct transmission between motor and pump through speed reducer, and transmission between motor and pump shaft through V-belt pulley.For motor, there are common seal motor, explosion-proof motor and electromagnetic adjustable-speed motor matched with stepless variable-speed motor, as well as gear speed reducer optional for user.Ⅳ Technical Parameters:Flow: 1.5-38m3/h;Lift: 30-80m;Power: 1.1-15kw;Rotate speed: 960r/min;Temperature: 0-100℃;Diameter: 25-150mm.structure chartperformance parameterModelTheoretical flowQMPa(m3/h)Flow( T/h)Lift(m)Absorption(m)Inlet and outlet diametersRotate speed(r/min)Motor(K/w)Working pressure(kg/cm2) Old I-1B 1cun1.81.1302259602.23 I-1B 1cun2.391.5502259601.15 Old I-1B 1.5cun4.838024096038 I-1B 1.5cun5.23.2803409602.28 I-1B 2cun8.855.68035096038 I-1B 2.5cun10.66.56036596036 Old I-1B 3cun1510603759607.56 I-1B 3cun18.112603759605.56 I-1B 4cun24166031009607.56 I-1B 5cun3625603125960116 Old I-1B 5cun2719603125960116 I-1B 6cun3830603150960156


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