Ultra-silence Diesel Pump Group-Low Noise Diesel Fire Pumps

Super silent diesel engine fire-fighting pumps group is new product developed by absorbing overseas low noise diesel engine fire-fighting pumps advanced technology and it is in accordance with national standards GB/T2820-1997 or GB12786-91 and has been put into market. The low noise diesel engine fire-fighting pumps group is widely applied for contingency fire-fighting and living water supply in occasions which have strict requirements of environment noise like post and telecommunications,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping centers, industries, mines and enterprises.Except for the functions of GF series or GFZ series, the low noise diesel engine fire-fighting pumps group has following features:  1. Outstanding low noise performance, the noise limit of unit is 75dB(A)(1 meter away from unit) 2. Compact structure designing, small size and innovative and attractive appearance 3. Multi-layer cross-distributed noise resistance cover.  4.High efficiency denoising multichannel air suction and exhaust and air suction and exhaust passages to guarantee power performance of the unit.  5 Large size impedance compound muffler.  6 Large capacity fuel burner7 Unique fast-open cover plate for the sake of easy maintenanceThe 3rd generation low noise diesel engine pumps with perfect designing: 1.The full series silent diesel engine pumps group can be hoisted on top of carriage;  2.Compact structure, integrated large-size horizontal muffler decreasing noise; silent diesel engine pumps group3.Cancelling traditional designing of the air intake on the bottom, preventing suction of dopants and dusts, increasing in-taking air and air exhaust area;  4.There is independent output switch box on the mute tank for the sake of cable connection (especially for project construction and lease) 5.Water proofing and climate resistance level of mute tank is higherService condition:1. Altitude height:≤2500m2. Environment temperature:-25~55℃3. Relative air humidity:9~95%4. Seismic intensity:7 degree5. Flow range:50-700(L/S)6. Lift range:32-600m7. Diesel engine power:18-1100KW8. Overflow parts material:Cast iron, nodular cast iron, stainless steel, cast copper: 9. Diesel engine brands:Shanghai Diesel Engine,DongFeng, Commins, Deutz, FIAT IVECO, Wuxi Power, Weifang Diesel Engine, etc.The main features of diesel engine pumps group:1. Automatic starting up:when the diesel engine pumps group receives starting signal from fire alarm, pipe network pressure, power off or other signals, in 5 seconds, it will automatically start up and enter into full load operation; 2. Automatic charging:The storage battery can be automatically charged by urban electric supply or diesel engine charging motor ensuring equipment group stat up successfully;3. Automatic alarm: alarm protection for diesel engine faults like low oil pressure, high water temperature and alarm shutdown when over speeding.;4. Automatic heating up: making the diesel engine heat standby and making sure emergency working;5. Direct connection: diesel engine pumps group whose power is lower than 360kw applies national initiative direct connection technology of diesel engine and water pumps by elastic coupling decreasing fault points and starting up time of the diesel engine and increasing the reliability and emergency rescue performance of the equipment group;6 Users can also require other alarm outputs(optional);


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