XZ Straight Vacuum Pump

Product name: XZ direct-linked vacuum pumpProduct category: vacuum pump1. Purpose and Scope of UseXZ vacuum pump is a rotary vane oil-sealed single stage vacuum pump. It's a basic equipment for pumping the gas in sealed containers in order to get vacuum.The pump can be used for a variety of vacuum operation,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, such as repairing air conditioners and refrigeration equipments, being an aspirator for medical instruments, and other operation like printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum blister, physical and chemical experiments and small devices which require a vacuum environment etc..The pump also can be used as a backing pump for small oil booster pump, oil diffusion pump, molecular pump.The pump is not suitable for pumping gas that will corrode black metals and cause chemical reactions to pump oil, gas containing dust and particles, gas with excessive oxygen, explosive gas and toxic gas. Let alone used as a transfer pump (pumping gas from one container to another container).2. the Operating Instructions2.1 Check the oil level, it is advisable that the level stops at the center of the oil leveler. It won't be effective to seal the exhaust valve if the level is too low, which will affect the vacuum degree. The pump oil will splash out of the vent if the level is too high. It is a normal phenomenon that the oil level rises during operation. Clean vacuum pump oil from prescribed brands should be used and the oil should be filtered to avoid sundries blocking oil hole.2.2 Check the ultimate vacuum pressure of the pump, the ultimate vacuum pressure we mark is root limit partial pressure, the compression-type mercury vacuum gauge shall prevail (stipulated by national standard). All other vacuum gauges only measure the sum of gas and vapor partial pressure, therefore the values can only be used as a reference.2.3 The pump uses single phase power supply, it starts working when connecting the power supply, but large exhaust for a long period of time is unfavorable. After exhaust, the pump should be filled with some gas to make each part balance inside the pump.3. Maintenance 3.1 Keep the pump clean normally to prevent sundries into the pump. After being used for a long period of time, pump oil will be dirty and must be replaced. Unscrew the oil-proof bolts when replacing oil. Tighten the oil drain screw after drain off all the dirty oil, fill clean oil to the vacuum pump and stop at the centerline of the oil leveler.3.2 When the pump is not working (park), the inlet port should be plugged to prevent sundries and dust from entering the pump.3.3 After the pump working for a period of time, check whether the pump oil is still in the midpoint of the oil leveler, add oil if insufficient, if the pump oil is broken down or sundries found in it, the oil should be changed, too.4. If vacuum degree of the pump is abnormal during working time, overhaul under the guidance of the staff who have certain experience should be done.modelXZ-1XZ-1.5pumping rateI/S11.5ultimate pressure Pa66motor powerW90120air inlet inner diameter mm1115oil consumption MI150200boundary dimension mm250*150*200300*150*200weight Kg7.510


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