WXZ Oil Free Vacuum Pump

product name: WXZ oilless vacuum pumpProduct category: vacuum pump1.Product overview:WXZ oilless direct-linked rotary vane vacuum pump is a kind of rotary blade single stage vacuum pump. It is a basic equipment used for pumping the gas in sealed containers to get vacuum.The pump can be used for a variety of vacuum operation,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, such as repairing air conditioners and refrigeration equipments, being an aspirator for medical instruments, and other operation like printing machinery, vacuum packaging, vacuum blister, physical and chemical experiments and small devices which require a vacuum environment etc..The pump also can be used as a backing pump for small oil booster pump, oil diffusion pump, and molecular pump.The pump is not suitable for pumping gas that will corrode black metals and cause chemical reactions to pump oil, gas containing dust and particles, gas with excessive oxygen, explosive gas and toxic gas. Let alone used as a transfer pump (pumping gas from one container to another container).2Technical Parameters of WXZ Oilless Direct-linked Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumpmodelpumping speedpressurerevolving speedpowervoltagecaliberweightsizeL/Spar/minWVmmkgmmWXZ-111.5×1042800120220Φ5.57.3232×147×235WXZ-221.5×1041400250220Φ1212.5307×142×248


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