2SK Twin-stage Water Ring Vacuum Pump

product name:2SK twin stage water ring vacuum pumpProduct category: vacuum pump1.Products overview:2SK series twin stage water ring vacuum pump and 2SK - P1 series twin stage water ring vacuum pump are air injection pump units used to extract air and other gas which are non-corrosive,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, insoluble in water, without solid particles, in order to gain higher vacuum in sealed containers.It is widely used for vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum resurgence, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying and vacuum smelting in food, weaving, chemical, pharmaceutical and metallurgical industries and electronic field. Its Features including high vacuum degree, high vacuum pumping speed, compact structure, reliable operation and easy maintenance in high vacuum area.2SK series is suitable for the working condition that suction pressure is lower than -0.08 MPa. 2SK - P1 series is suitable for the working condition where suction pressure is lower than -0.096 MPa;ultimate vacuum degree can reach - 750 MMHG when it works with atmospheric pump.Working vacuum shall range from -0.03 to -0.08 MPa.2.Technical parameters2 sk series - P1 type twin stage water ring vacuum pump - air jet pump unitNote:1.The value in table are concluded in the following conditions: (1) The atmospheric pressure is 0.1013 MPa (760 MMHG);(2) The water inlet temperature is 15 ℃;(3) Sucked air temperature is 20 ℃;(4) The air relative humidity is 70%.2. The value of water supply is gained when the suction pressure is -0.05 MPa (-400 MMHG), the value can be greater than this during ultimate vacuum.3. The performance tolerance + / - 10%.2SK twin stage water ring vacuum pump (installation dimension)


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