ZH100 Hand-cranking Metering Petrol Pump

Product name:ZH-100 Manual Metering Petrol PumpProduct Category: Barrel Oil PumpBrief IntroductionThe manual metering pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, produced by our company, is suitable for small and medium sized oil depot and gas station, station of agricultural machinery, factories & mines of enterprises, and the fleet, vehicles, ships and other units to use.This pump has compact structure, small volume, light weight, convenient movement, and simple operation. It will outlet oil as long as reciprocate the hand. This pump is equipped with LXYL - 25 rotor oil meter (measuring device which can be back to zero), 1 inch oil gun which is installed in the hose as a switch in order to avoid waste when the pump stops to work and fuel accumulate inside the hose.ParametersInlet/Outlet OD 25mm( Inner diameter of the hose:25mm)Precision: ±2%Maximum pressure:2kg/cmPiston stroke:90mmPiston diameter:100mmAllowed lift: 20-25mmAllowed suction: 4-5mReciprocating times: 35-45times/minFlow:30-45 L/M


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