ZH100KB Convertible Manual And Electronic Metering Oil Pump

Product name: ZH100KB Manual/Electronic Dual Use Metering Oil PumpProduct category: barrel oil pumpBrief Introduction:  ZH 100KB manual/electronic metering pumps is suitable for presenting all kinds of fuel,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, oil and various edible oil, etc. for small and medium sized oil depot and gas station, station of agricultural machinery, enterprises mining vehicle fleet, automobiles, ships, etc. This pump has compact structure, reliable quality, stable performance, convenient movement and other advantages. With 25 mm flow meter and explosion-proof electric motor, the pump refuels electrically when there is power and by hand if there is none. It measures accurately and do not have zero device. This pump is a vane style with overflow valve device. When the fuel tank has been filled and the oil gun is about to be closed, the vane pump will continue to work, and the overflow valve inside the pump will be function-automatically to flow the fuel back into the oil reservoir or tank.Parameters:ModelInlet/Outlet OD mmFlow rang L/minSuction mLift mPrecision %Motor power KWVoltage VWeight KgAccumulated number rangeZH100KB2555~65525±10.75380759999


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