SB Electronic Barrel Oil Pump

Product name: SB electronic barrel oil pumpProduct Category:Barrel oil pumpBrief IntroductionThe SB electronic barrel oil pump (barrel pump,Website:, infusion pump) is applicable to transferring chemical alkali/acid liquid, oil products, etc for industrial and mining enterprises, oil store, chemical reagent adding, oil depot and other places.The pump has good appearance, light weight, simple operation, thus it has widely good reputation among the users, and is an ideal product to replace the same imported products. Features & Application This product is suitable for those inflammable and explosive places whose flame-proof ability reach to IIB level, and ignition temperature is not lower than the T4 level. It is safe and reliable, with reasonable structure, advanced technology, high efficiency, easy maintenance, etc.This product meets the national GB3836, 1-83 The General Requirements on Explosion-proof Electrical Equipments in the Explosive Environment , GB3836, 2-83 The Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres & the flameproof electrical apparatus type "D" in an Explosive Environment, and GB3883.1-83 The Safety Requirements on Hand-held Power Tools. And it has been through the tests of the national coal mine explosion-proof security product quality supervision, inspection and testing center, and got explosion-proof certification. Thus it is one of the most ideal tools in the inflammable explosion late in the workplaces.The product mentioned above has been tested strictly by the anti-explosion testing center according to the 3836, 2-83 The Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Atmospheres & the flameproof electrical apparatus type "D" in an Explosive Environment, and met the requirements on the anti-explosion machines (DI - IBT4) in factory.This pump can be used in the gasoline places such as mining store, chemical plant, drilling crew and oil depot, suitable for those inflammable and explosive materials such as benzene. Not only can it ensure safety, but also improve efficiency, which is it the most ideal and reliable tool in inflammable and explosive places.ParametersModelFlowFlowLiftRotate speedPower rateInletOutletMaterialWeightm3/hL/minmr/minKwmmmmPump lineKgSB-17.81307.5100001.15025Stainless steel8SB-1-16.61107100000.885025Stainless steel7.5SB-1-27.81307.5100001.15025Stainless steel8SB-1-36.61107.5100000.885025Stainless steel7.8SB-27.81307.5100001.15025Aluminum alloy5.5SB-2-16.61107.5100000.885025Aluminum alloy5.3SB-3915010120000.885025Stainless steel9SB-3-1915010120000.885025Stainless steel9.5SB-4915010120000.885025Aluminum alloy7.5SB-66100780000.554125Stainless steel5.7SB-76100780000.554125Stainless steel5.5SB-86100780000.554125Aluminum alloy3.8StructureSpare Parts1.One pair of brush2. One unit of coupler3. One impellerUse and Maintenance1. Before use a new electronic infusion bump or one that has not been used for a long time, please teat all the insulation resistances of all electricity parts and metals that might be touched by 500 V Meg Ohm, for the resistances should be not lower than 7 M. in a normal working environment.2. Must check if the binding posts are tight and the ground wire must be tight before use. 3. Must check if the power agrees with the rated power. It cannot be used when the power is higher or lower than 10% of the rated power.4. Do not damage the cable when use the pump. And avoid water into parts such as motor, switch and electric appliances.5. In order to ensure safe production and all parts functioning well, do not use the pump in an inflammable or corrosive atmosphere.6. Stop to use the pump when there is abnormal noise while using. Find out the cause, and then solve it before reuse. 7. It is not suggested to use the pump without liquid. Stop it immediately when the liquid has been sucked, because the rotate speed of the pump without liquid can reach to 10000 r/m. In this moment, it will wear the coupler and impeller, even damage the pump tube. 8. Replace the brush: the brush should be changed when it cannot work. Otherwise it will damage the commutator, even burn out the motor.9. The electronic infusion bump should be checked one time a month regularly or at least one time in three months. When check it, the pump has to be disassembled, thus to clear out dirt and dust. If there are too much carbon deposition on the commutator, its surface can be cleaned by alcohol. If there is breakdown part, it should be replaced by the same new one. 10. Store the pump in a dry, clean environment without corrosive gas.Security1. Beside this Instruction, please follow the requirements in the GB3883,1-83 Technical Regulations on Hand-held Electronic Tools' Using, Checking and Maintenance2. This pump can only be used when the power is in the range of ±10% rated power.3. Avoid water and oil in the power source. Do not damage the power source, and avoid oil, water into appliances such as switch when use the pump.4. In order to prevent start suddenly, the switch should be turned to "off" before connect to the power.5. Do not damage the cables. Do not length or replace the cable at will. And do not chafe, cut and roll the cable while touch it.5. The pump is flam-proof type. Do not damage the surface of the flam-proof parts when change the brush or maintenance the pump. When change the brush or maintenance the pump, open the motor and get rid of the carbon dust and oil decay in it.7. Please use the plug properly. One cable end of the pump does not have plug. Thus the users have to choose the right one by themselves Below are two points which should be careful:A: Choose the anti-inflame and explosion-proof plug and socket in the inflammable and explosive place. While in a normal working environment place, the users can choose 220V 5A three-feet plug, one connecting to the ground;B. No matter what plug has been used, it must have reliable ground connection. The yellow-green end of the cable connects to the ground. When all set, the electric has to be checked between the metal cover of the pump and the contact feet, and the check resistance should not higher than one Ω.8. The pump cannot be used in the places such as wet, storm, snow place.Use Introduction: 1. Use the specified voltage. The power should in the range of the ±10% rated voltage on the board of the pump.2. How to assemble: (follow the structure representation) (1) connect to the motor; (2) connect the pump and the motor; (3) connect the water tube.3. Check and ensure all the appearance parts are fine before use the pump.4. It is not suggested to use the pump without liquid. Stop it immediately when the liquid has been sucked, because the rotate speed of the pump without liquid can reach to 10000 r/m. 5. Change the brush timely. The brush has to be changed timely when it cannot work, and both of them have to be changed at the same time. Otherwise the brush will damage the commutator , even burn out the armature.6. Do not use the pump when the following situations happen: A. the destruction of insulation has damaged while using; B. the cable cover has broken; C. the plug and socket broke or have bad contact; D. make-and –break work, even spark. The problem has to be solved before reuse.7. Do not overload. When the rotate speed is abnormally slow, stop the pump to check if there is other things blocking the impeller or there is something wrong in the motor. The power must be cut off when the infusion pump stops to work due to some reasons.8. Cherish the tool while use it. All infusion pumps have to be carefully put and avoid hit.Maintenance 1, Often fat liquoring. Due to electric pump pumping for high speed running, and grease volatizing easily, it's a necessary to keep the bearing lubrication clean, and pay attention to add in and to replace the grease.2. Check maintenance frequently. electric pump needs regularly checking and repairing, and the power cord must be checked: the inside wire, plug, whether the switches are in good condition, whether the insulation resistance is normal, whether the tailstock is loose, whether commutator and brush contact is good, whether the armature winding expansion of stator winding is a moderate level open circuit phenomenon, whether the damage of bearing and rotating parts and so on.3. Keep each part and exchange the same parts. when overhauling the infusion pump, it is important to keep every parts and to pay special attention to make sure that the explosion-proof surface of flame-proof parts does not make the damage hair including insulation gasket and casing. if there are any damage, we must replace them with the same new parts and shall not adopt any substitute materials whose performance is below the original material or which doesn't meet the original specifications. When being assembled, all parts should be packed according to the original position, and can't be missed.4. Pay attention to the insulation resistance. the motor barrel pump which has been layed up over a long period of time or in damp environment must be tested by using500 v megohmmeter to measure the insulation of the winding resistance before using. for instance,if winding and insulation resistance between the motor housing is less than 7 megohm, to dry the winding is a must.5. Pay attention to the preservation, electric pump should be put in a dry, clean and free of corrosive gas environment.


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