NL Series Muddy Water Pump

Product Name: NL Sewage Slime Pump Product Category:Submerged Pump1.Product overview :This pump is single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump. The main components are volute,Website:, impeller, pump base, pump casing, support tube, motor base, motor and other components.Impeller for the three single-string bending garden leaves, use a semi-enclosed impeller, and the use of malleable iron, so high strength, corrosion resistance.Processing is convenient,and it has good trafficability characteristic , high efficiencyIn order to reduce weight and reduce the amount of turning, pump shaft is a high-quality carbon steel cold-drawn steel park.Seat is equipped with a four skeleton oil seal and the sleeve to prevent shaftwear and tear, extending the service life of shaft.This pump can be vertical or inclined to use, covering an area small. It works being buried in the medium of the working medium , easy to start, no bow I water. Direction of rotation is clockwise rotation direction seeing from the end of the motor.Switchboard length with a variety of specifications, in order to use units of selection based on usage adapted to local conditions.2.Main Uses:1.This pump is single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, Mainly used in mining, paper making, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, graphite, mica, gold, ceramic, oil refining, petroleum, chemical industry, farm, salt pan, iodine, dyeing, brewing, food, chemical fertilizer, coking, mill plant, building, marble factory, mine, mud, sand, muddy ponds, sewage pond, dreggy liquid thick liquid, sewage charging and suspended matter, mine drainage and the fluid containing is matched with high pressure water pump, nozzle, being the unit of hydraulic mechanized earthwork, used in the small water conservancy engineering:land formation,dredging of river and pond, digging, excavation and transportation3.Used for pond cleaning and oxygen supply in fishery.3.Type explanation:NL Sewage Slime Pump Product ParameterTypeRotation ratenr/minFlowQm3/hHeadHmEfficiencyn%Motor PowerKWNL50-8NL50A-8145020-308-9421.5NL50-12NL50A-12145025-3812-14413NL76-9NL76A-9145050-709-10423NL65-16NL65A-16145050-6015-18425.5NL80-12NL80A-12145080-12011-13567.5NL100-16NL100A-16145080-10015-176115NL150-12NL150A-121450100-15011-136618.5NL150-16NL150-161450120-18015-206822


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