BAW Type Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

Product Name: BAW type Sanitary Centrifugal PumpProduct Category: Sanitary PumpI. Product Overview:The sanitary centrifugal pump is a single-suction,Website:, single-stage centrifugal pump, suitable for transporting various liquids such as milk, beverages and wine and is indispensable to food, chemical, pharmaceutical industries and the like. The highest temperature of the liquids that can be sucked is about 80 DEG C.High lift pump is particularly applicable to high-resistance systems such as tube type sterilization, yogurt temperature-holding equipment and CIP cleaning.II. Mechanism characteristics:Each of this series of pumps mainly consists of a pump body, a pump base and a motor which are connected through bolts respectively.Supporting legs under a bottom plate can be adjusted and are easy to install, and a fixed installation base is not needed. An outlet pipe can be installed vertically or horizontally according to different requirements during installation.This series of pumps are designed in smooth transition, of a rigid structure and thickly walled.For material selection, a pump body, a pump cover, an impeller and almost all parts in contact with the materials are made of AISI316 or AISI304 stainless steel.Mechanical seal is customized through high-quality stainless steel and silicon carbide, so that wear resistance and moisture are greatly improved, and the service life is prolonged.The motor adopts the internationally renowned 'ABB' motor, the protection class is IP55.F insulation, and the structure is a wide voltage structure. The pump body and the impeller are cast accurately as a whole during production, and all parts are subjected to surface treatment. Special clamps are used for guaranteeing dimension clearances during installation.The shaft seal is of an open structure, so that even a few leaks at the shaft seal can be observed timely; even if the leaks are not perceived within a short time, they would not overflow into the motor, and accordingly the service life of the motor is guaranteed.This series of pumps are finely produced, not prone to scale and especially suitable for CIP cleaning.This series of pumps are simple in structure, convenient to dismount, low in sound, high in efficiency, soft and gentle in material handling and accordant with the food hygiene requirement and ensures the original flavor of products.III. Instructions:It's the best to install centrifugal sanitary pumps lower than the suction liquid surface (for example, if the installation location of the pump is higher than the suction liquid surface, pump priming is needed before starting). Before use, check the following parts: accuracy of the direction of rotation of the impeller, the tightness of inlet and outlet pipe joint nuts, and the seal ring between the pump cover and the pump body. Steam sterilization shall be performed before usage of the parts in contact with materials to ensure food hygiene.A butterfly valve shall be installed at the pump outlet to control the flow. Do not operate the pump under overload in case the motor might be damaged.CIP cleaning shall be carried out immediately after use to prevent adhesion of materials. Without CIP, manual cleaning is required. During cleaning, hot water is used for flowing through the pump firstly, then the pump is dismounted to brush all parts in contact with the materials with a brush, and all parts are then rinsed through clean water and installed according to the original sequence after cleaning.If materials drop on the ground during use, then shaft seal leaks. You can check the mechanical seal device on the shaft and shall replace or grind the seal parts which are seriously abraded or damaged before use.IV. Performance Parameters of Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps:ModelFlow Rate(ton/hour)Head (meter)Motor PowerInlet and Outlet ApertureOverall DimensionCentral HeightBAW-3-153150.7538/32480×200×345200BAW-3-243241.138/32480×200×345200BAW-5-245241.551/38496×250×370215BAW-5-365362.251/38496×250×370225BAW-10-2410242.251/38515×275×380225BAW-10-361036351/38515×275×380245BAW-15-241524351/51600×300×415245BAW-15-361536451/51600×300×415245BAW-20-242024463/51600×300×415245BAW-20-3620365.563/51700×320×425265BAW-30-2430245.563/63700×320×425265BAW-30-3630367.563/63700×320×425265BAW-40-2440247.576/63780×350×435265BAW-40-3640361176/63820×380×445265


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