4DSY-ⅠType Motor-driven Pressure Test Pump

Product Name: 4DSY-ⅠType Motor Pressure Test PumpProduct Category: Pressure Test Pump1.Product Overview1.The 4DSY-1 series Pressure Test Pump produced by our company is the ideal equipment specially supplied for various pressure vessel,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, pipeline, boiler, cylinder, valve, pressure vessel, fire equipment to get high pressure liquid form the lab and hydrostatic test. The Pressure Test Pump product and assorted pressure test, test project have been applied in pressure test in aviation and also applied in national defense scientific research key development project and has made major contribution to our country's major scientific research project underground such as: high-pressure burst test, deep-sea test, space technology, high temperature and pressure test and shaped tube test, etc.2.This pump is designed specially according to hydrostatic test requirement. In the initial phase of pressure test, it has very big flow rate and can perfuse and boost quickly to shorten test time. After the pressure surpass 1.6MPa, in order to make pressure test carry out smooth and slow, the flow reduces automatically. So there are two kinds of flow rate for this pump at high pressure and low pressure and they can transform automatically. The hydrostatic test with any numeric can be done below rated outlet pressure.2.Performance ParameterTypeRated Discharge Pressure mpaFlow Rate L/HAssorted MotorOverall Dimension L×W×HmmWeightKgIn High PressureIn Low PressureModelPower KW4DSY-I Type 180/44180362Y90L-41.1470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 146/6.36.3146328Y90L-41.1470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 104/1010104286Y90L-41.1470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 65/161665247Y90L-41.1470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 40/252540222Y90L-41.1470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 29/404029211Y90L-41.5470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 21/636321203Y90L-41.5470×370×8901164DSY-I Type 14/808014196Y90L-41.5470×370×890116


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