ZS-type Steam Ejector

Product name:ZS-type steam ejectorProduct Categories:Hydraulic ejectorI. Product descriptionSteam ejector is water jet series steam pump which is a new equipment using water injection and steam jet to obtain vacuum. The centrifugal pump makes the static water pressure increase,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, and pressure water jets out of the nozzle from the steam nozzle in high speed and makes the pressure of the outlet reduce to form vacuum. It absorbs the ambient air (liquid) suction, and comes the mixing pipeline by diffusion pipeline and supports with the use of hydro-jet. It has the following characteristics comparing to the mechanical vacuum pumps:1. Simple structure, reliable and stable performance, low installation, safe operation, easy maintenance.2. Pumping capacity is big to form vacuum fast and reliable. It has no requirements to the electrolyte and can be applicable to a variety of chemical solutions.3. No relative moving parts inside the device, making the device be durable with low transportation costs.4. Good corrosion resistance, and the flower plate is made of cast iron, cast iron lining polyethylene plastic in chlorotrifluoroethylene, tetrafluoroethylene and stainless steel iron, which improves the pressure, acidand corrosion resistance of steam injector and makes it be more suitable for various concentrations of acids, alkalis and organic solvents and other corrosive media.II. ZS-type steam ejector performance parameters:TypeEvaporationMpaNumber of exhaustm3/hworking pressurekgf/cm3Air consumptionkg/hSteam Pressurekgf/cm2Pump motor power kwZS-60L7556034033BA-97.5ZS-80L7558034033BA-97.5ZS-100L75510034033BA-97.5ZS-120L75512034033BA-97.5ZS-130L75513034533BA-97.5ZS-150L75515034533BA-97.5ZS-180L68018045044BA-1215ZS-230L68023046044BA-12ZS-type steam ejector (dimensions)I. Installation dimensions:TypeL1L2D1×Dg1D2×Dg2D3×Dg3WeightMeasureScrewMeasureScrewMeasureScrewZS-60L 80L440804166×80φ14×4140×50φ14×4140×38φ14×47ZS-100L 120L421806185×80φ18×4160×70φ14×4140×50φ14×471ZS-120L 120L421806185×80φ18×4160×70φ14×4140×50φ14×475Steam pump316804160×70φ14×4170×50φ14×6G3/4" 45II. Installation diagram:III. Installation Notes:1.This device shall be tested by the pressure of 3 kgf / cm2, and reduce the pressure to 1 kg / cm2 5 minutes later (gauge pressure).2.This device shall be tested by the air tightness of 1 kgf / cm2 for 2 hours. The average leak rate each hour shall not exceed 0.2% (the above two tests do not include outlet pipe).3.This equipment shall be installed according to the installation design drawings, each flange connection does not support the weight of as with imaginary lines part of the equipment by the process decided to use.IV. Connected tubeNumberStandard flange connectionStandard No of flange connectionClose face formUseaG3/4"——ThreadedSteam inletbφ2"——BumpGas inletcM20×1.5——ThreadedVacuum table interfaced(e)φ50(φ80)HG5010-58flatWater intake (export)ZS-type steam ejector (performance parameter)I. Performance curveII. ZS-type steam ejector performance parameters:TypeEvaporationMpaNumber of exhaustm3/hworking pressurekgf/cm3Air consumptionkg/hSteam Pressurekgf/cm2Pump motor power kwZS-60L7556034033BA-97.5ZS-80L7558034033BA-97.5ZS-100L75510034033BA-97.5ZS-120L75512034033BA-97.5ZS-130L75513034533BA-97.5ZS-150L75515034533BA-97.5ZS-180L68018045044BA-1215ZS-230L68023046044BA-12


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