General Type Frequency Converter 0.75KW-2.2

Product Name: Popular Type Frequency Converter 0.75KW-2.2KWProduct Category: Water Pump Control Cabinet• Power range: 0.75KW ~ 2.2KW;• Frequency control range is 0.1Hz ~ 400.00Hz;• It can set large-scale motor control IC +dedicated drive circuit +IGBT as the core,Website:, and the whole machine has high reliability;•It has strong adaptability to primary voltage and the fluctuations can be ± 20%;• The protection level for the machine to be wet proof and damp proof is strengthened and it can be used in the occasions of high temperature and high moisture.;• The low frequency torque is big and it can reach to 150% in 1 HZ. It's suitable for the grinding machines and CNC machine tools etc which need low-frequency and high starting torque;• The control accuracy is high and the frequency resolution is 0.01HZ•The V / F curve can be set arbitrarily;•There is RS485 communication interface, which is convenient to form centralized control system


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