SPG Series Inline Shield Pump

Product name: SG series pipeline shield pumpProduct category: pipeline centrifugal pumpI. Product OverviewSPG complete no-leakage pipeline shield pump is a new shield pump designed through innovation of our scientific and technical personnel. Based on the original improved electromagnetic core technology,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, we improve the fluid movement state and improve the efficiency of more than 10%. Both its comprehensive performance and indicators step to a new stage and the products are more desirable.SPG shield pump is a water pump integrated with electric motor and pump body, and there is only stationary seal (instead of rotating shaft seal). It can be completely leak-free. Owing to its low noise in motor itself, low failure rate, high reliability and low maintenance cost, it is popular in customers and also enhances demand of Chinese market to high-quality pump.II. Product UsesThis product is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, textiles, nuclear power, military and urban drainage, fire booster, high-rise building pressurized water supply, garden irrigation, HVAC and other warm and cold pressurized water cycle. Especially for places with high requirements in vibration and noise, such as key projects, pumping stations, central air conditioning and so on. It can also be used to transport liquid where the pressure and temperature do not cause crystallization and solidification, particularly unsafe liquids and precious liquids which are harmful to human and environment, such as corrosive, highly toxic, volatile, radioactive media.IIII. Meaning of Models SPG Series Pipeline Shield Pump (Installation Size)SPG Series Pipeline Shield Pump (Structure Drawing)SPG Series Pipeline Shield Pump (Performance Parameters)


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