CQB-F Model Fluoroplastics Magnetic Drive Pump

Product name: CQB-F series fluoroplastic magnetic drive pump Product category: Magnetic pump1. Product FeaturesAnti-leakage designShaft seal has been removed. Magnetic coupling for indirect drive is adopted,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, thus completely dispelling concern for dripping leakage and causing no pollution to the applied places. As the flow parts of the pump adopt "fluoroplastic alloy", corrosive media such as acid and alkali of random concentration and strong oxidants can be transported continuously without loss.2. Working PrincipleThe driving device adopts direct installation of active magnet coupling onto the motor shaft. With pump chamber completely sealed, the impeller equipped with magnet on pump shaft is indirectly driven to rotate through magnetic coupling. It is of compact structure, safe and energy-saving. Firm and durable structure of pump casingThough contact liquid is partly fluoro-plastic, the pump exterior shell is of metal. The pump body is therefore able to withstand the pipeline weight and mechanical impact.3. Main FunctionsThis product is widely used in industries including petroleum chemicals, acid and alkali production, non-ferrous metal smelting, acid leaching during automobile manufacture, rare earth separation, farm chemicals, dye ware, pharmaceuticals, papermaking, electroplating and radio. Temperature for use: -20℃ to 100℃.4. Significance of ModelInstallation DimensionStructural DrawingPerformance ParametersModelGauge (mm)Capacity(m3/h)Head (m)Motor power (kW)Voltage(V)MaterialInletOutletCQB15-10-85F15151.880.12220/380FluoroplasticCQB20-15-105F25183120.37220/380CQB32-25-125F32253.2200.75380CQB32-25-145F32253.2250.75380CQB40-32-115F40326.3150.75380CQB40-32-145F40326.3251.5380CQB40-32-160F40326.3322.2380CQB50-40-125F504012.5202.2380CQB50-40-160F504012.5323380CQB65-50-125F655025203380CQB65-50-160F655025325.5380CQB80-65-125F806550207.5380CQB80-65-160F8065503211380CQB100-80-125F100801002011380CQB100-80-160F100801003218.5380Note: CQB32-25-125F----CQB100-80-160F in this table can all be equipped with an explosion-proof motor.


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