KYB Series Self-priming Sliding Plate Pump

Product name: KYB series self-priming sliding vane pump Product category: Gear type oil pump1. Product Summary:One advantage of KYB series (stainless steel,Website:, aluminum alloys) self-priming sliding vane pump is that it is not necessary to pour oil inside the pump before it starts to work; instead, oil can be automatically sucked up and delivered. Meanwhile, oil stain or ordinary litter will not be a concern; nor will air entering the pipes cause any effect. Therefore, when oilcans, oil tank trucks, etc., need be sucked for cleaning of bottom oil, using this type of pump will substantially increase work efficiency, reduce oil wasting and increase economic profit. Besides the above characteristics, it also has the following outstanding features:1.Vacuum height, which is about 25% higher than that of similar products;2.High utilization rate of shaft power with small input power and large output flux; 3.Long lifespan, few critical components, and simple maintenance;4.Compact structure and convenient use.This product can suck up and transport petroleum, kerosene, diesel, liquefied gasoline gas, and various lubrication oils whose kinematic viscosity is below 200 cst, and is mainly used for suction, backward flow, truck loading and cabin cleaning at the oil storage, the vehicle station, the gas station and the motor squadron. Its stainless steel series can also transport acid and alkali of random concentration, oxidant and other corrosive media.Performance ParametersMotorHead(m)Capacity(m3/h)Motor power(KW)Suction head(m)Suction time for 5 m height SExplosion- proof motor(v)Revolution speed(r/min)MaterialKYB25-10-3010100.759303802900Holistic aluminum alloyHolistic stainless steelKYB40-20-3020301.59303802900Holistic aluminum alloyHolistic stainless steelKYB50-25-25252539303802900Holistic aluminum alloyHolistic stainless steelKYB65-32-25322539303802900Holistic aluminum alloyHolistic stainless steelKYB80-40-20402049303802900Holistic aluminum alloyHolistic stainless steel


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