CYZ-A Series Self-priming Type Oil Pump

Product name: CYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pumpProduct category: Gear type oil pump1. Product SummaryCYZ-A series self-priming centrifugal oil pump is the latest developed pump product after digestion and absorption of relevant technical data from home and abroad with transformation made. This type of pump is an ideal product for petroleum industry,Website:, land oil storage and oil tank truck, and is also applicable as ship cargo pump, bilge pump, fire pump and ballast pump, as well as for machine cooling water circulation. It can transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel, aviation kerosene and other petroleum products as well as sea water and fresh water, with media under temperature of -20℃-80℃. For handling chemical fluids, corrosion-resistant mechanical sealing can be adopted instead.2. Product Features1) This pump belongs to self-priming centrifugal pumps, and is of simple structure, convenient for operation, stable in running, easy for maintenance, highly efficient and has a long lifespan and relatively strong self-priming capability, etc. No bottom valve is required for its pipeline. The only requirement is to ensure a fixed quantity of guiding oil within the pump casing before work starts. When used on an oil tank ship or water delivery ship, it can act as cabin cleaning pump with good cleaning effect. 2) This type of pump is manufactured by adoption of quality materials. Its seal adopts mechanical sealing with hard-quality alloy and is thus durable. Its outgoing pipeline requires no installation of safety valve, and its incoming pipeline requires no installation of bottom valve, thus simplifying the pipeline system and meanwhile improving labor conditions.3. Significance of ModelInstallation DimensionStructural DrawingPerformance ParametersModelMotor power(kw)Revolution speed(r/min)Gauge(mm)Capacity(m 3 /h)Head(m)Self-priming height(m)25CYZ-A-201.12900253.220625CYZ-A-201.52900253.232632CYZ-A-2032900323.250640CYZ-A-201.52900406.320540CYZ-A-322.22900406.332540CYZ-A-4042900401040540CYZ-A-5042900406.350550CYZ-A-121.529005012.512550CYZ-A-202.22900501520550CYZ-A-30329005012.530550CYZ-A-35429005012.535550CYZ-A-4042900501040550CYZ-A-505.529005012.550550CYZ-A-607.529005012.560550CYZ-A-75112900501575565CYZ-A-1532900653015465CYZ-A-325.52900652532565CYZ-A-507.52900652550565CYZ-A-70152900652570580CYZ-A-13329008035133.580CYZ-A-17429008043173.580CYZ-A-225.529008040223.580CYZ-A-257.52900805025480CYZ-A-327.52900805032480CYZ-A-40112900805040480CYZ-A-5518.529008060554.580CYZ-A-702229008060704.5100CYZ-A-207.5290010080203.5100CYZ-A-25112900100100254.5100CYZ-A-32152900100100324.5100CYZ-A-4018.52900100100404.5100CYZ-A-50222900100100504.5100CYZ-A-65302900100100654.5100CYZ-A-75302900100100754.5150CYZ-A-2018.51450150180204.5150CYZ-A-30301450150170304.5150CYZ-A-45372900150160454.5150CYZ-A-55452900150160804.5150CYZ-A-65552900150170654.5150CYZ-A-80552900150160804.5200CYZ-A-32901450200400324.5250CYZ-A-50901450250400504.5300CYZ-A-501101450300500504.5


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