KTL Model Mobile CAM Pumper

KTL model trailer type diesel engine CAM pump is a new structure developed on the basis of repeated researches on domestic and foreign same kind of technology and it is in accordance with GB/T 5657-1995 standard and the engine is in accordance with national standard GB1147.1. This pump is new type displacement structure pump with independent intellectual property rights developed by national experts with outstanding contribution and has gained many national patent protections.This pump is a kind of positive displacement self-priming rotating piston pump and its working principle is as following: when power drives transmission shaft to transmit torque,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, the driving shaft drives a couple of synchromesh gears inside the gearbox and two rotors fixed on the pump shaft to make relative motion generating vacuum at the suction end and forming loading pressure at the discharge end in order to transport liquid medium. When the pump works continuously, driven by the relative motion of rotors, there will be 6 times full-loaded liquid medium discharge when the pump shaft rotates once. The rotation direction of power machine decides the direction of medium transportation without classification of positive and negative rotation. Within regulated revolving speed range, the pump flow quantity is proportional to pump revolving speed. This pump can be widely used for municipal sewage drainage, flood protection projects, farmland irrigation etc. This pumps group has advantages like simple structure, good self-priming ability, powerful sewage drainage capacity, energy saving, high efficiency, easy operation and maintenance and is the national initiative among diesel engine water pump products and equipped with multi-functional mobile trailers.Service conditions: 1)Environment temperature≤50℃ medium temperature≤80℃. 2) Medium PH value is 6-10. 3)Medium unit weight is not over 1240kg/m3.4)Self-priming height is not higher than 8-9m,continuous water suction height≤10,suction pipe length≤120m Technical specifications: Flow (m3/h)Lift (m)Equipment modelPump revolving speed(r/min)Engine power (KW)Suction lift (m)20025KTL-15040041830025KTL-20055056850025KTL-50068092865025KTL-650550927.580025KTL-8005501067.5100025KTL-10005501207.5150025KTL-15006002207.5


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