KDZN Agricultural Type Anti-drought Diesel Self-priming Pump(Single Cylinder Diesel: Coupling Type And Belt Drive)

Product Introduction:KDZN agricultural anti-drought small-sized diesel engine self-priming pump is a new product with innovative structure which is developed on the basis of repeated researches of foreign same kind of technology; it is a perfect combination of single cylinder diesel engine and self-priming pump and can be set as handle starting or button with storage battery starting.The diesel engine self-priming pump combines self-priming and no-plugging blowdown and adopts axial reflux external mixing method; with the unque design of pump body and impeller passage,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, it can work like other clean water self-priming pump without bottom valve installation or filling leading liquid and also can carry out the suction and discharge of liquid with foreign matters like large-size particles and long fiber; it is the most ideal diesel engine self-priming pump which can be widely used in municipal sewage, flood protection and storm drainage, farmland irrigation in mountain areas and water pumping in rivers.Compared with domestic same kind of products, the diesel engine self-priming pump has advantages like simple structure, good self-priming ability, good sewage drainage capacity, high efficiency, energy saving, easy operation and maintenance and is the first innovation in the field of sewage drainage pumps. All technical performance indexes are in domestic leading position, reaching International advanced level and has a wide market application and development prospect.    Supporting diesel engines brands:Changchai Company Limited, Sifang Company limited, Changfa Group, etc.It can be equipped with two-wheel mobile cart and 4-wheel mobile cart.    Electronic brochure: click here to downloadModel meaning:Performance specifications sheet:KDZ125-120-20       125       120     20         18      55KDZ150-180-14       150       180     14         18      60KDZ150-180-20       150       180     20         30      60KDZ150-180-28       150       180     28         30      65KDZ200-250-15       200       250     15         30      58 KDZ200-300-7        200       300     10         30      52


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