JYZR Series Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pump

Product name: JYZR series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Product category: metering pumpAdjustable metering range: 0-630L/HMaximum pressure range: 0-25MPaDrive mode: motor driveControl mode: manual/automatic control ( could receive 4-20mA signal to adjust the flow) Configuration: thermal insulation and cooling of pump head,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, explosion-proof motor ⅰ Integrate the dual advantages of mechanical diaphragm and plunger metering pumps ⅱ Low noise, durable. ⅲ A series with the maximum discharge pressure could reach 500KG. ⅳ Quantitative export, and could adjust the flow arbitrarily during the operation or shutoff of pump, while the precision could reach ±0.01.ⅴ Transfer power through hydraulic and N-type crank mechanism, with stable performance.Product parametersMaterials of pump headWorking conditionsMetering pump head: SUS304, SUS316Environment temperature: -30℃---90℃Metering valve: SUS304, SUS316Motor: two-phase and three-phase standard motor or explosion-proof motorValve ball: silicon dioxide, SUS304, SUS316, ceramics, zirconiaPower: 0.75KW 1.1KW 1.5KWSeal: PTFEProtection grade: IP54JYZR series hydraulic diaphragm metering pump Model(MODE)Flow(L/H)Pressure(Mpa)Plunger diameter(MM)Route(MM)Pump speed(MIN-1)Power(KW)Inlet and outlet diameters (MM)Weight (KG)JYZR 20/302030163096    1441.58100JYZR 24/2024201.1JYZR 28/252825181.5JYZR 35/1035101.110JYZR 35/203520201.5JYZR 40/1040101.1JYZR 45/154515221.5JYZR 50/1050101.1JYZR 75/167516251.5JYZR 100/1210012301.1JYZR 120/5.01205.01.5JYZR 130/1013010321.112JYZR 150/8.01508.0361.5JYZR 175/5.01755.01.1JYZR 200/6.02006.0401.5JYZR 250/5.02505.0451.1JYZR 270/4.02704.01.5JYZR 300/4.53004.5501.1JYZR 330/4.03304.01.5JYZR 400/2.04002.0551.1JYZR 450/2.54502.5601.517JYZR 480/1.54801.51.1JYZR 630/1.06301.01.5


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