GB Series Precision Metering Pump

Product name: GB series precision metering pumpProduct category: metering pumpAdjustable metering range: 0-1800L/H Maximum pressure range: 0-0.6MPaDrive mode: motor drive Control mode: manual/automatic control( could receive 4-20mA signal to adjust the flow)ⅰ Cast aluminium shell,Website:, high heat dispersion, light weight, applicable to all kinds of acid and alkali solutions, non-toxic and odorless)ⅱ Adopt offset crank mechanism; radially slide to adjust the flow.ⅲ The pump head of contact medium is PVC, and could choose PTFE and stainless steel. ⅳ Cost-effective, widely applicable to water treatment industry without high requirements for pressure. ⅴ Could adjust the flow or quantificationally export during the operation or shutoff of the pump. ⅵ The diaphragm is suppressed out of multi-layered composite structure, with the 1st layer be Teflon acid-resisting membrane, the 2nd layer EPDM elastic rubber, the 3rd layer 3mm SUS304 support iron core, the 4th layer reinforced nylon fiber reinforcement, and the 5th layer complete coating of EPDM elastic rubber, which could effectively prolong the service life of the diaphragm.Product parametersMaterials of pump headWorking conditionsMetering pump head: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFEEnvironment temperature: -30℃---90℃Metering valve: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFEMotor: two-phase and three-phase standard motor or explosion-proof motor.Valve ball:  silicon dioxide, SUS304, SUS316,  >ceramicsPower: 0.75KW 1.1KW 1.5kwSeal: PTFE, PVCProtection grade: IP54Parameter list of GB series precision metering pump ModelFlow(L/H)Pressure(MPa)Punch frequency(MIN-1)Inlet and outlet diametersWeight(KG)GB-350/0.63500.696DN1555GB-500/0.64500.696DN25GB-750/0.57500.5144DN25GB-1000/0.410000.4144DN25GB-1200/0.312000.3144DN40GB-1500/0.315000.3144DN40GB-1800/0.3185000.3144DN40


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