2J-X Series Plunger Metering Pump

Product name: 2J-X series plunger metering pumpProduct category: metering pumpMetering range: 0-300L/H(single-end is 150L/H)Pressure range: 0-50MPaDrive mode: motor drive Control mode: manual/automatic control Configuration: thermal insulation and cooling of pump head,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, explosion-proof motorⅰ Positions in direct contact with medium all adopt stainless steel and PTFE. The overflowing adapts to common particles, non-toxic and odorless. ⅱ Double pump head structure, economical and practical, small occupation, and superior performance. ⅲ Quick-wear parts all shall undergo specialized treatment with quality assurance.ⅳ The regulator assembly with excellent performance shall be internally installed to prolong the service life of pump and reduce the noise.ⅴ Quantitative export, and could adjust the flow arbitrarily during the operation or shutoff of pump, while the precision could reach ±0.01.ⅵ A series with the maximum discharge pressure could reach 500KG.ⅶ Applicable to medium of delivery temperature -30~120℃ and viscosity 0.3~800mm2/s.Product parametersMaterials of pump headWorking conditionsMetering pump head: SUS304, SUS316Environment temperature: -30℃---90℃Metering valve: SUS304, SUS316Motor: two-phase and three-phase standard motor or explosion-proof motorValve ball: silicon dioxide, SUS304, SUS316, ceramics, zirconiaPower: 0.37KW-0.55KWSeal: PTFEProtection grade: IP55Parameter list of 2J-X series plunger metering pump Model(MODEL)Flow(L/H)Pressure(Mpa)Plunger diameter (MM)Route(MM)Pump speed(MIN-1)Power(KW)Inlet and outlet diameter (MM)Weight(KG)2J-X 1.6/501.650420960.553.0402J-X 2.0/502.0500.552J-X 2.0/252.0250.372J-X 2.6/502.65050.372J-X 4.0/504.05060.555.02J-X 5/405400.552J-X 7.6/327.63280.552J-X 10/2510250.552J-X 12.6/2012.620100.552J-X 12.6/512.650.552J-X 16/1616160.552J-X 16/41640.372J-X 20/12.52012.5120.5513.02J-X 20/3.2203.20.552J-X 26/1026100.552J-X 26/2.5262.50.372J-X 32/8328160.552J-X 32/2.0322.00.372J-X 40/6.3406.30.552J-X 40/1.6401.60.372J-X 50/5505200.552J-X 50/1.3501.30.372J-X 64/46440.552J-X 64/16410.372J-X 80/3.2803.2250.552J-X 80/0.8800.80.372J-X 100/2.51002.50.552J-X 100/6.31000.630.372J-X 126/21262320.552J-X 126/1.61261.60.552J-X 200/1.62001.6350.552J-X 250/1.62501.338382J-X 300/1.33001.04242


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