ZX Series Self Priming Centrifugal Pump

Product Name: ZX series self priming horizontal centrifugal pumpProduct Classification:Chemical pumpⅠOverviewZX series pump is self priming horizontal centrifugal pump. Compared with other types of self priming horizontal centrifugal pump,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, ZX is without cut-off valve, while its structure is simplest; and it is the most reliable in work; its mean time between failures is long, and easy to maintain and use, with small volume, light weight and high efficiency.The ZX pump, working as the emergency pump, performs excellently in industrial and agricultural production and in emergency, such as flood drainage and fire fighting. The type of ZX is largely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machinery, chemical fiber, food, energy, transportation and other industrial sectors. Moreover, it can also be used in agricultural irritation and in the transportation of clean water or the liquid whose chemical and physical property is similar as clean water, with its viscosity below 5°E and temperature lower than 80℃.Ⅱ Product UsageIt is largely used in the following fields:Urban environmental protection, construction, fire control, chemical, pharmaceutical, dyeing, brewing, electric power, electroplating, paper making, petroleum, mining, equipment cooling, tanker unloading, etc.Clean water, seawater, acid or alkalinity liquids and filling slurry with general paste(medium viscosity lower than 100 mm pearl, solid content lower than 30%)With the rocker arm sprayer, it can push water into air and spray small drips, thus it can be used in nursery, garden, tea garden to spray pesticide. Working together with filter press of all types and sizes, thus it is the most ideal pump to send paste to filter.Ⅲ Technical Parameters:Flow rate:6.3~400m3/h;lift:5~132m;Rotational speed:2900、1450r/min;Power:0.55~110KW;Inlet diameter:50~200mm;Maximum working pressure:1.6MpaⅣ Significance Installation SizeStructureCure DiagramPerformance  ParameterTypeFlow rate QLift(m)Suction(m)Self Priming(min/5m)Rotation speed(r/min)Motor power(m3/h)(L/s)25ZX3.2-203.20.9206.51.929000.7525ZX3.2-323.20.9326.51.829001.140ZX6.3-206.31.8206.51.929001.140ZX10-40102.8406.51.52900450ZX15-12154.2126.52.429001.550ZX18-20185206.51.929002.250ZX12.5-3212.53.5326.51.52900350ZX20-30205.6306.51.52900450ZX14-35143.9356.51.52900450ZX10-40102.8406.51.52900450ZX12.5-5012.53.5506.51.429005.550ZXZX15-60154.2606.51.329007.550ZX20-7.5205.


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