FZB Series Fluoroplastics Self-priming Pump

Product Name:FZB Series Fluor Plastic Self-priming PumpProduct Category: Chemical Pumpi.Product Description:Based on the design technology of nonmetal pumps,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, FZB Series Fluor Plastic Self-priming Pump is produced according to international standard. The Pump bodies are covered by metal shell and the linings are coated by fluor plastic. All the Flow Passage Components are made by fluor plastics alloy. The Pump covers, impellers and axles are sintered and moulded with metal insert fluor plastics coat.The shaft seal is using externally-mounted bellows mechanical seal technology. The static rings are 99% made by aluminum oxide ceramics (or silicon nitride). The rotating rings are made by PTFE packing material. These materials are leak-proof, corrode resisting and wear resisting. The inlet and outlet of the Pump are strengthened by cast steel body, this has enhanced the resistance to pressure. While the practical use, we can find that the Pump has so many advantages such as corrosion resistance, wear-resisting, high temperature resistance, non-aging property, high mechanical strength, stable operation and advanced and reasonable structure. It's also maintenance-free, efficient and energy saving.The most prominent feature of FZB Series Self-priming Pump is the self-priming function. It can pump liquid under the installation position of the pump body easily and stably. This kind of pump only needs one-time priming at the very beginning when boot it. The self - priming lift is based on the density of the medium, it can vary between 2 meter and 4 meter. This Pump is the best replacement for the heavy submerged pump.ii. Main Usage:All the flow passage components are made by fluor plastics and the FZB Series Self-priming Pump have the self-priming function. As a result, this Pump can be used widely, for instance, it can pump the corrosive liquid from the underground tank to the target location, and it can pump the acids and bases from the acid base tank to the target location, it also can be used for acid unloading.With the humanized design principle and excellent working performance, the FZB Series Self-priming Pump is becoming one of the essential pump units for more and more customers.iii. Specification:Flow:1.5~60m3/h;Lift:15~50m;Rotating Speed:2900r/min;Power:1.5~15KW;Inlet Diameter:25~80mm;Operation Temperature:-20℃~120℃iii. Model Implication:Installation DimensionSeriesModelOverall and Installation DimensionInlet FlangeOutlet FlangeLSPfWTHhxkijmn-degn4-tShort Stand32FZB-154501001608018014023090551032901204-1132901204-1140FZB-205903101601102201703051406512401001304-13401001304-1340FZB-305903101601102201703051408012401001304-13401001304-1350FZB-205903101601102201703051406512501001304-13501001304-1350FZB-305903101601102201703051408012501001304-13501001304-13SeriesModelOverall and Installation DimensionInlet FlangeOutlet FlangeLSPfWTHhxkijmn-degnn-tLong Stand65FZB-20L11006002501803903504402128020651451854-18501251654-1865FZB-30L120066030020045040048023210024651451854-18501251654-4880FZB-20L120066030020045040048023210024801602008-18651451854-1880FZB-30L124074033021050045052026011024801602008-18651451854-18Specification


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