TSWA Model Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

Product Name: TSWA type Horizontal Multistage Centrifugal PumpsProduct category: Multistage PumpsI. Product Overview:TSWA type horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps are of a horizontal,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, single-suction multistage and segmental structure and are recently developed and produced energy-saving products. The pumps have remarkable advantages of high efficiency, low running noise, good anti-cavitation performance, reasonable structure and long service life. They are mainly used for transporting clean water or other liquids with the physicochemical property similar to that of water. Products implement JB/T1051-93 Types and Basic Parameters of the Multistage Centrifugal Pump standard.Products of our company are all designed and optimized through computers. Our company has strong technical force, abundant production experience and perfect testing means, so that stability and reliability of product quality are guaranteed.II. Scope of Application:The pumps are applicable to industrial and urban water supply & drainage, pressurizing and water supply for high-rise buildings, hot and cold water circulation pressurization for garden sprinkling irrigation, fire control pressurization, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom, etc. as well as equipment matching, and particularly suitable for refrigeration and air conditioner water feed of hotels, restaurants and other recreational places.III. Product Characteristics:1. The hydraulic model is advanced, efficiency is high, and the performance range is high. 2. Pumps are compact in structure, reasonable in arrangement and attractive in appearance.3. Apertures of the inlet and the outlet are identical, so that pipes are convenient to connect.4. Pumps run smoothly, noise is low, and the service life is long.5. Seal is reliable and free of leakageIV. Technical Parameters:Flow rate: 18-155m3/h ;Head:18-270m ;Power: 2.2-180KW ;Rotation speed: 1450r/min ;Diameter: phi 50-phi150 ;Temperature Range0-/+80 DEG C;Working pressure: ≤ 3.0MpaV. Model implications:installation dimensionTSWA type horizontal multistage centrifugal pumpFaultReasonSolutions1. The pump does not suck water, and the pressure gauge pointer swings violently.Drawing water is not poured enough, and the pipe and gauge connection position leaks.Examine whether the bottom valve leaks, tighten or repair the leakage position by filling drawing water.2. The pump does not spray water, the vacuum meter shows high vacuum.The bottom valve is not opened or is blocked, resistance to the suction is too high, and water suction height is too large.Check the bottom valve, and replace the water pipe to reduce the suction height.3. The pressure gauge displays pressure, but still no water is sprayed.Resistance to water outlet pipe is too large, the rotation direction is inaccurate, the impeller is blocked, and the pump rotation speed is not high enough.Check or shorten the pipe.Check the motor, and remove the dirt inside the impeller to increase pump speed.4. Flow is lower than that required by design.Blockage of the pump, too many abrasions to the seal ring, and lack of rotation speedClean the pump and the pipe, and replace the seal ring to increase pump speed.5. Power consumed by the pump is too high.The packing gland is too tight and hot,  the impeller is abraded, and pump flow is increased.Adjust the tightness of the packing gland, check whether the pump shaft is bent, replace the impeller, and increase water resistance to reduce the flow.6. Sound in the pump is abnormal, and water is not pumpedResistance to the suction pipe is too high, the suction pipe leaks, temperature of transmission fluid is too high.Check the suction pipe and the bottom valve, plug the leakage position, and reduce water suction height to lower the water temperature.7. The pump vibrates, and the bearing is too hot.The motor and the pump are not concentric, and the bearings are lack of oil or are abradedAdjust the concentricity of the motor shaft and the pump shaft, refill the bearings or replace the bearing.TSWA type horizontal multistage centrifugal pumpperformance parametersModelStageFlow Rate(m3/h)Head(m)Rotation Speed(r/min)Motor Power (kw)50TSWA21818.414502.231827.61450341836.8145045184614505.561855.214505.571864.414507.581873.614507.591882.814507.575TSWA2362314505.533634.514507.54364614501153657.51450116366914501573680.514501583690145018.5936103.5145018.5100TSWA26931.214501136946.814501546962.41450225697814503066993.6145030769109.2145037869124.8145045969140.4145045125TSWA29043.214502239064.814503049086.4145045590108145055690129.6145075790151.2145075890172.8145090990194.4145090150TSWA21556014504531559014507541551201450905155150145011061551801450135715521014501558155240145018091552701450180performance curves


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