GDL Type Vertical Inline Pumps

Product name: GDL vertical multistage pipeline centrifugal pumpProduct category: pipeline centrifugal pumpI. Product Overview:GDL vertical multistage centrifugal pump is our new product designed and manufactured on the basis of models of outstanding foreign pumps by considering the user's requirements and fire related standards in accordance with JB/TQ6435-92 standard.Pump suction and discharge outlet are located on the same line. The rotor is composed of shaft,Website:, impeller, impeller block sets, bushings and other parts. The water intake segment, the middle segment, the water output segment are joined with tension bolt. The mechanical seal is adopted in shaft seal, to be lubricated and cooled by pressure water in balance chamber. It is the best pump in many industries for delivery of liquid such as hot and cold water or liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water.The product is designed and optimized by computer. The company has strong technical force, rich production experience and perfect detection means, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality.II. Application Range:It is widely used in cycle and pressurization of cold water, hot water and clean water in high-pressure running system, parallel water supply by multiple pumps in high-rise buildings, firefighting, water feed and cooling systems in boiler, a variety of fluid delivery and so on.III. Product Features:1. Advanced hydraulic model: high efficiency and wide range of performance.2. Easy to install and maintain: pipe-style installation allows the inlet and outlet to be installed in any position and any direction as the valve, and the installation and maintenance is very convenient.3. Beautiful appearance: high quality stainless steel cover and beautiful appearance.4. Less operating and maintenance costs: high quality mechanical seal, wear resistance, no leakage, long service life, low failure rate and less running and maintenance costs.5. Unique components which reduce noise: unique design of hydraulic components, good flow performance over the maximum to reduce the flow noise.6. Vertical structure and small floor area.IV. Technical Parameters:Flow: 4.2-504m3/h;Head: 24-240m;Power: 1.5-450kw;Speed: 1480r / min;Diameter: φ40-φ250;Temperature range: 0- 90 ℃;Working pressure: ≤2.4Mpa.V. Meaning of Model Installation SizeStructure DrawingPerformance ParametersPerformance parameters of GDL vertical multistage pipeline centrifugal pumpModelQ(m3/h)H(m)Suction(m)Motor Power(KW)25GDL2-12*32367.51.125GDL2-12*42487.51.125GDL2-12*52607.51.525GDL2-12*62727.51.525GDL2-12*72847.52.225GDL2-12*82967.52.225GDL2-12*921087.52.225GDL2-12*1021207.5325GDL2-12*1121327.5325GDL2-12*1241447.5325GDL4-11*34337.51.125GDL4-11*44447.51.525GDL4-11*54557.52.225GDL4-11*64667.52.225GDL4-11*74777.5325GDL4-11*84887.5325GDL4-11*94997.5325GDL4-11*1041107.5425GDL4-11*1141217.5425GDL4-11*1241327.5440GDL6-12*36367.51.540GDL6-12*46487.52.240GDL6-12*56607.52.240GDL6-12*66727.5340GDL6-12*76847.5340GDL6-12*86967.5440GDL6-12*961087.5440GDL6-12*1061207.5440GDL6-12*1161327.55.540GDL6-12*1261447.55.550GDL12-15*2123072.250GDL12-15*312457350GDL12-15*412607450GDL12-15*5127575.550GDL12-15*6129075.550GDL12-15*71210577.550GDL12-15*81212077.550GDL12-15*91213571150GDL12-15*101215071150GDL18-15*218307350GDL18-15*318457450GDL18-15*4186075.550GDL18-15*5187577.550GDL18-15*6189077.550GDL18-15*71810571150GDL18-15*81812071150GDL18-15*91813571550GDL18-15*101815071565GDL24-12*224246365GDL24-12*324366465GDL24-12*4244865.565GDL24-12*5246067.565GDL24-12*6247267.565GDL24-12*7248461165GDL24-12*8249661165GDL24-12*92410861565GDL24-12*102412061580GDL36-12*236245.5480GDL36-12*336365.55.580GDL36-12*436485.57.580GDL36-12*536605.51180GDL36-12*636725.51180GDL36-12*736845.51580GDL36-12*836965.51580GDL36-12*9361085.518.580GDL36-12*10361205.518.580GDL54-14*2542857.580GDL54-14*3544251180GDL54-14*4545651580GDL54-14*55470518.580GDL54-14*654894518.580GDL54-14*75498522100GDL72-14*272284.511100GDL72-14*372424.515100GDL72-14*472564.518.5100GDL72-14*572704.522100GDL72-14*672744.530100GDL72-14*772984.530Performance Drawing


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