CQ Model Magnetic Drive Pump

1. Product Summary: CQ series magnetic drive pump (magnetic pump for short) is a new product applying the working principle of permanent magnet coupling to centrifugal pumps,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, with rational design, and advanced technology. This pump has complete sealing and no leakage and is corrosion-resistant, with its performance at the same level with that of the overseas homogenous products.2. Main Features:The magnetic pump has replaced dynamic sealing with static sealing, enabling the flow parts of the pump to be completely sealed, which has solved problems of leakage, outgoing and dripping unavoidable to mechanical sealing of other pump types. This type of magnetic pump adopts corrosion-resistant, high-strength engineering plastic, corundum ceramics and stainless steel as its manufacture materials, therefore having good corrosion resistance and able to prevent transported medium from being polluted.3. Product Functions:The magnetic pump has compact structure, beautiful appearance, small volume, low noise level and reliable running state and is convenient for use and maintenance. Applicable to units in industries including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, electroplating, food, film and photo processing and printing, science and research institutions, and national defense for their extraction and feeding of acid and alkali liquids, oils, rare and expensive liquids, poisonous liquids and volatile liquids, as well as to be equipped with circulating water equipment and pressure filter. Adopting this type of pump is particularly ideal for extraction and feeding of easily leakable, flammable and explosive liquids.4. Significance of Model:Installation Dimension1. Installation dimension drawing of CQ series magnetic drive pump:2. Installation dimension table of CQ series magnetic drive pump:Structural DrawingModelGaugeCapacity(m3/h)Head(m)Motor power (kW)Voltage(V)MaterialInlet (mm)Outlet (mm)14CQ-514101.250.12220/380Stainless steel16CQ-816121.880.18220/38020CQ-1220123120.37220/38025CQ-1525205.4151.138032CQ-1532256.5151.138032CQ-2532254.8251.138040CQ-20403210202.238040CQ-32403211.532438050CQ-25504014.425438050CQ-32504013.232438050CQ-5050327.8505.538065CQ-25655016.8255.538065CQ-32655025327.538080CQ-32806550321138050CQ-508065505015380100CQ-3210080603215380100CQ-5010080605018.5380Note: 16CQ-8---100CQ-50 in this table can all be equipped with an explosion-proof motor.


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