CQG Model High Temperature Resistance Magnetic Drive Pump

Product name: CQG series high temperature resistant magnetic drive pumpProduct category: Magnetic pump1.Product Summary:Together with the need of modernization of China's petroleum chemical equipment,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, in order to adapt as quickly as possible to equipment updating with energy saving as the core, it is necessary to develop internationally advanced products planned and produced as per AP1610. Recently this plant has discussed and studied with relevant experts in the pump field and invented the internationally advanced CQG series high temperature resistant magnetic drive pump, filling in the blank in this field domestically.  Product Functions:High temperature resistant magnetic drive pumps are used for transportation of special petroleum, dyeing raw material and other high-temperature media (temperature in use is <300℃ ) for petroleum refining, petrochemicals, chemical industry and other areas.2. Main Features:With this design, this type of pump has high reliability, long lifespan and high degree of universal use. The magnetic drive pump is also called non-shaft-seal pump. It has replaced dynamic sealing with static sealing, enabling the pump's flow parts to be completely sealed. As it adopts transmission by magnetic coupling, it has solved problems of leakage, outgoing and dripping unavoidable to mechanical sealing of mechanical pump types. Pumps without shaft seal are the only type of pump that can achieve zero leakage, therefore this type of pump adopts no shaft seal.3. Significance of Model:Performance ParametersModelGaugeHeadmCapacity(L/min)Motor powerKWRevolution speed(r/min)Voltage(V)Suction height(m)Inlet(mm)Outlet(mm)20CQG-15-110201512500.372800380425CQG-20-1152520151101.12800380432CQG-25-1153225151101.12800380432CQG-25-145322525801.12800380440CQG-32-1324032201802.228003807.540CQG-32-16040324020042800380850CQG-40-145504025240428003808.350CQG-40-16050404022042800380750CQG-32-2005032501305.52800380865CQG-50-1456550252805.52800380765CQG-50-1606550354507.52800380680CQG-65-160806535850112800380780CQG-50-2008050508501528003807100CQG-80-1601008035165018.528003807100CQG-65-200100655016502228003807


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