DBY Series Electric Diaphragm Pump

Product name: DBY series electric diaphragm pumpProduct category: diaphragm pumpI. The product overviewDBY electric diaphragm pump is a new type of pump. In recent years,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, due to the breakthrough progress which has been made on the diaphragm material, more and more industrialized countries have used this type of pump, replacing part of the centrifugal pump, screw pump, to be applied in the petrochemical, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. The product design refers to the prototype of ABEL which is an American firm. The pump can be applied in low voltage with the export pressure which is equal to or lower than 3kgf/cm2.II. The main purpose1. A variety of highly toxic, flammable, volatile liquid.2. A variety of acid, alkali, strong corrosive liquids.3. Can transport the celsius with a higher temperature of 150 ℃.4. As the front stage pressure feeding device of a variety of filters.5. Hot water recovery and recycling.6. Tanker, oil depot, oil loading and unloading.7. Pump pickled cabbage, jam, mashed potatoes, chocolate and so on.8. Pump paint, resin, pigment binder.9. A variety of porcelain glaze slurry grouting mortar cement slurry.10. A variety of rubber latex, organic solvents, fillers.11. Absorb the water and residual oil in the tanker by the pump.12. Hops and yeast slurry, syrup and molasses.13. Pump shaft, tunnel, tunnel, sewage, sediment in the sewer.14. The absorption of a variety of special media.III. Technical parameterFlow: 0-20m3/h;Lift process: 30m;Power: 0.37-4kw;Speed: 1450r/min;Caliber: 10-100mm;Temperature: -15-+150℃;Self absorption height: 5-7m.IV. Model significance:performance parametersI.performance parametersTypeInlet and out let diameter(mm)Flow(m3/h)Lift process(m)Absorption process(m)Maximum allowable particle φ(mm)Motor power KWDBY-10100.530310.55DBY-15150.7530310.55DBY-25253.53042.51.5DBY-40404.53044.52.2DBY-50506.5304.584DBY-65658304.584DBY-808016305105.5DBY-10010020305105.5II. Several diaphragm material characteristics     Diaphragm varietyMedium typeBuna-n rubberChloride butyl rubberFluorine rubberTeflonFood rubberFuming nitric acid××△△Concentrated nitric acid××△△Concentrated sulfuric acid××○△Concentrated hydrochloric acid×△△△Concentrated phosphoric acid×△△△Concentrated acetic acid×××△Concentrated sodium hydroxide○○△△Anhydrous ammonia△△△△Dilute nitric acid××○△Dilute sulfuric acid△△△△Dilute hydrochloric acid×○△△Dilute phosphoric acid××△△Dilute sodium hydroxide○○△△Ammonia△△×Benzene××○○Gasoline○○○○Petroleum△×○○Carbon tetrachloride○○○Carbon disulfide○×○Ethanol○○○○Acetone×△×○Cresol×△△○Acetaldehyde××△○Ethylbenzene××△○Acrylonitrile△△×○Butanol○○○○Butadiene○×△○Styrene××△○Ethyl acetate×××○Ether×××Note: ○—— Longer life, △—— General life, ×—— Not available. This table is only from corrosion resistance. Due to the elasticity of poly four vinyl chloride is worse than that of rubber, so the actual service life is different due to pressure, pump stroke impurities and other factors.installation specificationsTypeAA1A2A3BKDND1Φ1ΦdhH1H2DBY-259007516030018055025751117.5110315620DBY-4090075160300180550401001417.5110315620DBY-50960140250370240550501101417.585360820DBY-65960140250370240550651301417.585360820DBY-8090011007003908008015017.517.5130470980DBY-100900110070039080010015017.517.5130470980


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