KDW Model Diesel Water Suction Pump -Flood And Draining Waterloggin Mass-flow Diesel Draining Pump

Product Introduction:    Delta KDW model diesel engine water lift pump is a combination of diesel engine and high-capacity water pump. This pump is driven by the combined effect of centrifugal force produced by the rotation of impeller and the thrust to make inclined flow,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, so it is also called as diagonal flow pump with two types as horizontal type and guide vance type(vertical type). It has both advantages of centrifugal pump and axial flow pump like, simple structure, wide high efficiency area, easy to use and it is suitable for plain polder areas farmland irrigation and drainage pumping station. Among all the mixed-flow pumps developed in China, the lift of volute type pump is 5~12 while its flow quantity is 900~4000m3/h;lift of guide vane type pump is 3~25.7m while its flow quantity is 45~20160m3/h. For the two guide vane type pumps installed in Zaohe Pumping station in Suqian county Jiangsu Province, the impeller diameter is 5.7m, flow quantity is 80~100m3/s,lift is 6~12m,revolving speed is 75r/min,highest efficiency is 92.1%,matched power is 7000kW and it is one of large-scale mixed-flow pumps which have been put into operation in the world. Mixed-flow pump is one of the technology development focuses in International pump industry and it will partly replace centrifugal pump and axial flow pump. The highest efficiency of mixed flow pump has reached or exceeded 90% in Japan, Russia, Australia etc. 1.Features:simple structure, reliable use, easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency, small size and light weight.2.Driving method: direct drive and variable speed drive. The usual power system is electromotor and diesel engine. Please confirm power machine model(power, revolution) when issuing an order in order to confirm specifications of coupling or belt pulley.3.Pump direction:looking into the inlet of the pump, the impeller usually rotate counterclockwise. This pump is horizontal, single-stage, single suction, volute mixed flow pump. It can be used for transportation of clean water or other liquids with similar physical and chemical properties and the temperature of the transported liquid should not be higher than 50℃. This pump is  widely used in circumstances like agricultural irrigation and drainage, industrial and urban water supply and drainage, etc.  KDW pump performance range: flow 90~9000m3/h,lift 3.5~22mm.Product electronic brochure download:  Click here to downloadModel meaning:Performance specifications sheet:  100KDW-8  Q=90m3/h   H=8m  n=2900rpm   N(equipped)4HP/3KW;  150KDW-5  Q=180m3/h  H=5m  n=1450rpm   N(equipped)5HP/4KW;  150KDW-5  Q=230m3/h  H=8.2m n=1850rpm  N(equipped)12HP/7.5KW;  200KDW-8  Q=360m3/h  H=8m   n=1450rpm  N(equipped)15HP/11KW;  200KDW-8  Q=340m3/h  H=7.1m n=1360rpm  N(equipped)12HP/11KW;  200KDW-4  Q=340m3/h  H=4m   n=1060rpm  N(equipped)8HP/5.5KW  200KDW-10 Q=450m3/h  H=10m  n=1450rpm  N(equipped)30HP/18.5KW    200KDW-12 Q=500m3/h  H=12.2m n=1600rpm  N(equipped)40HP/30KW  250KDW-4  Q=450m3/h  H=4.8m  n=980rpm   N(equipped)12HP/11KW;  250KDW-12 Q=650m3/h  H=11.6m n=1450rpm  N(equipped)40HP/30KW;  250KDW-14 Q=720m3/h  H=14.3m n=1600rpm  N(equipped)60HP/37KW;  250KDW-7  Q=450m3/h  H=7m    n=980rpm   N(equipped)20HP/15KW  250KDW-5  Q=400m3/h  H=5.5m  n=870rpm   N(equipped)12HP/11KW  250KDW-8  Q=540m3/h  H=8m    n=1100rpm  N(equipped)25HP/18.5KW  300KDW-7  Q=780m3/h  H=7m    n=980rpm   N(equipped)30HP/22KW;  300KDW-7  Q=585m3/h  H=3.9m  n=730rpm   N(equipped)12HP/11KW;  300KDW-7  Q=1035m3/h H=12.3m n=1300rpm  N(equipped)80HP/55KW;  300KDW-4  Q=710m3/h  H=4m    n=780rpm   N(equipped)15HP/11KW  350KDW-8  Q=1000m3/h H=8m    n=980rpm   N(equipped)40HP/30KW  350KDW-8  Q=745m3/h  H=4.4m  n=730rpm   N(equipped)20HP/15KW  350KDW-4  Q=1000m3/h H=4.3m  n=980rpm   N(equipped)30HP/22KW;  400KDW-7  Q=1260m3/h H=6.8m  n=730rpm   N(equipped)40HP/30KW;  400KDW-7  Q=1692m3/h H=12.3m n=980rpm   N(equipped)100HP/75KW;  400KDW-10 Q=1400m3/h H=10m   n=730rpm   N(equipped)66HP/55KW;  400KDW-10 Q=1880m3/h H=18m   n=980rpm   N(equipped)165HP/110KW  500KDW-6  Q=1980m3/h H=6.2m  n=580rpm   N(equipped)60HP/55KW  500KDW-10 Q=2492m3/h H=9.8m  n=730rpm   N(equipped)120HP/95KW;  650KDW-7  Q=3550m3/h H=7.1m  n=470rpm   N(equipped)135HP/100KW;650KDW-7  Q=3400m3/h H=6.5m  n=450rpm   N(equipped)120HP/90KW


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