ZS Model Horizontal Type Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Self-priming Pumps

Product name: ZS model horizontal glass fiber reinforcement plastics self-priming pump   Product classification:glass fiber reinforcement plastics pumpⅠ.Product Introduction:ZS is a horizontal glass fiber reinforcement plastics self-priming pump and all of its parts contacting with medium are shaped by high-temperature from phenol glass fiber which are modified from polyvinyl butyral. The product has advantages like light weight,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, high strength, no deformation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance etc. In the aspect of corrosion resistance, it can replace molybdenum stainless steel, titanium, titanium alloy and other precious metals. This pump applies WB2 type external mounted F4 ripple mechanical sealing which is reliable and can last for long time.Ⅱ.Product Characteristics:ZS model glass fiber reinforcement plastics self-priming pump has good advantages like compact structure, easy operations, stable operation, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, long operation life, strong self-priming ability and etc. In the pipeline, bottom valve does not need to be installed and before starting working, it is necessary to keep some defined amount leading liquid inside the pump body; this simplifies pipeline system and improves working consitions.Ⅲ.Product Application:This pump is mainly used in industries like petrochemical, metallurgical, dying industry, coloring matters, pesticides, pharmacy, rare earth, chemical fertilizer etc. And it is the most ideal equipment for the transportation of many corrosive medium like inoxidable acid (hydrochloric acid, dilute sulphuric acid, formic acid, ethylic acid, ethyl acetic acid) which do not contain suspended solid particles, is not easy for crystallization and with temperature not higher than 100℃. S Model Horizontal Glass Fiber Reinforcement Plastics Self-priming Pump (Specifications)


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