SL Model Phenolic Aldehyde Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Inline Pump

Product name: SL model phenolic glass fiber reinforcement plastics piping pump Product classification:glass fiber reinforcement plastics pumpⅠ.Product Introduction:SL model phenolic glass fiber reinforcement plastics piping pump is a single-stage single suction centrifugal piping pump and is a new type energy-saving pump. All the parts with medium overflowing are professionally made from modified phenolic glass fiber reinforcement plastics through high temperature and have advantages like high corrosion resistance,Website:, high temperature resistance, light weight, high strength and no deformation. This pump has advanced designing shape, simple structure, balanced rotation, reliable performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and its total technology level is in the domestic leading position and is the ideal pump type in current stage corrosion resistance field. This pump can be used for the transportation of inoxidizable strong acid like all different concentration hydrochloric acid, low concentration sulfuric acid, organic acid, mineral salt and different organic solvent and is widely used in anti-corrosion fields including chemical, petrochemical, pharmacy, pesticide, daily chemical, chemical fiber, water treatment, machinery, metallurgy, environment protection industries, etc. Our company products all apply computer design technology and optimizing process and our company possesses abundant technology strength, luxuriant production experience and sophisticated inspection methods in order to guarantee product quality.Ⅱ.Technical Parameters:flow:3.2~12.5m3/h;pump lift:12.5~32m;revolving speed:2900r/min;power:0.75~4KW;diameter:25 ~ 50mm,applicable temperature:<100℃Ⅲ.Model Meaning:SL Model Phenolic Glass Fiber Reinforcement Plastics Piping Pumps SpecificationsModelFlowm/h3LiftmRevolving speedr/minNPSHmefficiency%Motor powerkwSL25-


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