W Series Hydraulic Ejector

Product name:W series hydraulic jetProduct Categories:Hydraulic ejector I. Product descriptionW series hydraulic jet is an effective mechanism capable of pumping three kinds of vacuum,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, condensation, drainage and so on. It is the use of certain pressure of water flow through the symmetry cloth into a certain inclination ejected nozzle, the polymerization in a focus. Due to the high velocity water jet, the negative pressure around the vacuum chamber produces vacuum. In addition,due to the secondary steam directly contacts with jet flow to product heat exchange, the vast majority of steam is condensed into water, and a small amount of steam which is not condensed produce friction with the gas which is not condensed through high-speed jet water, which produces a high vacuum indoor by diffuser tube which is to be excluded. Water jet has wide range of applications, which is mainly used for vacuum evaporation system, vacuum-pumping, vacuum evaporation, vacuum filtration, vacuum crystallization, drying, and deodorization processes. It is the equipment which is widely needed in sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, salt, MSG, milk, fermentation as well as some light industries, national defense parts. (Material, stainless steel, cast iron)But the current production factory of hydraulic ejector is small and the variety is not complete, therefore, our unit adopts multi-nozzle and steam ring (guide plate) and other structures in recent years to improve the design and also uses multi nozzle and steam ring (Guide plate) and other structures and multi stage pump to conduct low installation with the installation height of 4.5 m, which improves and enhances its performance. The new design has a certain nature, and it is a revolutionary of vacuum condensing units, and is welcomed by a large range of users and units. II.Structure and benefits;Hydrajet is covered by the body, cover, nozzle, nozzle base plate, guide plate, diffuser tube and check valve and other components,Nozzle is made of stainless steel nozzle and the base plate is made of high quality steel processing. The remaining parts are made of cast iron. A nozzle in the form of multi-nozzle structure, In order to get larger water - vapor contact is conducive to heat exchange and Get better vacuum effect. Nozzle seat board is processing precision, high accuracy, so that the water jets accurately gathered in the same focus. Guide plate is for slowing the flow rate of steam (or air), so that the steam introduced into the chamber evenly so as not to deflect water spray to reduce the effectiveness volley. The entire apparatus is compact precision, high strength, for vacuum evaporation system, since condensation can condenser and vacuum suction effect of the merger is completed in a single device simultaneously, greatly simplifying the process, Than the original vacuum pump plus the old condenser device, you can save to a vacuum pump, condenser, water separator and other equipment. And it has the following advantages :( 1) small size, light weight, compact structure. The efficacy and relatively high power consumption is lower than the vacuum pump system, and saving investment. (2) Simple and easy operation and maintenance, no full-time staff management. As no mechanical transmission components, the low noise, no consumption of lubricants. (3) It can lower outdoor installation, small footprint, and it also can save the plant construction area and installation costs. III. W series hydraulic jet performance parameters Model Specifications EvaporationLiters/hour Mm Hg vacuum levelMPa distancem flowm3/h  W-100L 100 680-720 45 18  W-200L 200 680-750 45 18  W-300L 300 680-720 45 18  W-400L 400 680-720 45 18  W-500L 500 680-720 45 32  W-600L 600 680-720 45 32  W-700L 700 680-720 45 32  W-800L 800 680-720 50 32  W-900L 900 680-720 50 32  W-1000L 1000 680-720 50 32  W-1200L 1200 650-680 50 32  W-1500L 1500 650-680 50 108  W-1800L 1800 650-680 50 108  W-2000L 2000 650-680 50 108  W-2500L 2500 650-680 50 108  W-3000L 3000 650-680 50 108  W-3500L 3500 650-680 55 162  W-4000L 4000 650-680 55 162  W-5000L 5000 650-680 55 162 W series hydraulic jet (flange size)W series hydraulic jet mounting flange size table W series stainless steel hydraulic jet mounting flange size table


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