ASME ANSI Full Thread Stud

Shanghai Jinrui exported large quantity of ASME standard full thread stud to different countries,Website:, such as America,Venezuela, Malaysia, Russia,Saudi Arabia, etc.Full thread stud also called continuous thead stud which means studs that threaded over their complete length. The thread and diameter of ASME full thread stud need to be cleared before order. The common American standard is ASME B18.31.2. Also many customers offer the drawing to customize. All dimensions of ASME stud bolt are gave in inch.There are some grade of stud including ASTEM A193 B7 stud, A193 B8 stud, A193 B16 stud, etc.  Stud bolts need 2 nuts which are ASME A194 2H or G4 or some nuts else for fixing objects. Pointed ends shall be chamfered from a  diameter equal to ot slightly less than the thread root diameter. Unpointed ends may be plain sheared or cut ends, and the slight rim or cup resulting form manufacturing shall be permissible.  NameStandardGradeOrder information requirmentsASME ANSI full thread studASME B18.31.2A193 B7 studThread diameter            ...A193 B8 studLengthA193 B16 studGrade...FinishQuantity


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