Custom Furniture Gas Spring For Bed , Nitrogen Industrial Gas Struts

Detailed Product DescriptionProduct Name:Furniture Gas SpringApplication:FurnitureLoad Type:Gas CompressionInside:NitrogenMaterial:SteelStyle:CylinderKSP-YQ-121 New Design Furniture Gas Spring For Bed With ISO 9001:2008,Website:, UTS Specifications:Description:1. OEM service provide2. More than 10 years of experience3. Passed certificate: ISO9001:20084. Custom design1. Nitrogen filled inside the tube of Gas spring2. Gas Spring has strong stability when using3. No noise, smooth operation4. Easy installation5. More than 10 years of gas springs experience6. Can design for you according to your needApplications:1) car trunk, bus luggage, automotive accessories yacht, Toyota parts2) furniture, wall-bed, sofa, chair armrest, cabinet, fitness equipment3) industrial equipment, heavy machinery, agriculture machinery, textile machinery and so onCompetitive Advantage:factory certificate: ISO 9001:2008, CHEMICALTEST REPORT BY UTS  ( we can also do certificate and test report as customer's demand)we are glad to receive your design drawing or detailed sizes, then we can produce for you.. 1.  Good quality, service and reasonable price  2.  15 years export experience  3.  10 years experience at OEM  4.  Excellent technology  5.  Short lead time


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