High Pressure 5 Brushes Rollover Car Wash Machine

5 Brushes Rollover Car Wash MachineBig side brush2Small side brush2Cross brush1Polishing brush0Machine size2000*3560*2850mmMax car size5500*1950*2000mmDry system1 set(copy dryer system)Conveyor size10.00mWash speed15-20cars/hWater consumption100L/carPower consumption23kwCompressed air0.8Mpa5 brushes rollover car wash machine is controlled by computer,Website:http://www.zlhcarwash.com, high automation, easy operation, complete functions, good appearance, energy saving, long life, low cost car wash, repair, low cost, low-cost car wash, anti-embroidered performance good reliability. The whole frame are made of standard steel and it has been processed strict anti-corrosive treatment. Further more it can guarantee the good appearance as well as a life span up to 15 years .Full automatic computer car washer, our company purchases the most advanced and stable component parts. All its electric control parts, electric machinery, pneumatic parts, air control parts and sensors are from and Japan 、France and other countries international brands.Automatic sense water sprayingAutomatic copying cars washingAutomatic spray detergentAutomatic washing chassisAutomatic cleaning rimAutomatic spray waxAutomatic dryerAutomatic system testing


至: Shaoxing Zhongli Machinery Plant
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