Stainless Steel Flange Ends DIN F1 Standard Globe Valve PN10~PN100

Stainless Steel Flange ends DIN F1 standard Globe Valve PN10~PN100 ●RST Valve company is a industry valves manufacturer,Website:, including Thread & Flange Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Y Strainers in stainless steel, carbon steel, cast steel, forged steel and alloy steel.●Globe Valve mainly had Thead ends 200WOG Globe Valve, BS1873 Flange ends Globe Valve, DIN F1/F5 Standard Flange Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Flange ends Globe Valve, Carbon Steel Butt Welded Globe Valve, Stainless Steel Bellow Seal Globe Valve, Forged Steel A105/F316 Globe Valve, 800LB/1500LB Forged Steel Flange Globe Valve, Butt Welded CF8M Globe Valve, Pressure Sealed Flange Globe Valve, High Pressure 2500LB Flange Globe Valve, 150LB~900LB WCB Flange ends Globe Valve, Gear Operated Globe Valve, Globe Valve with Pneumatic/Electric Actuator.●Globe valves are typically two-port valves, although three port valves are also produced mostly in straight-flow configuration. Ports are openings in the body for fluid flowing in or out. The two ports may be oriented straight across from each other or anywhere on the body, or oriented at an angle (such as a 90°). Globe valves with ports at such an angle are called angle globe valves. Globe valves are mainly used for corrosive or high viscous fluids which solidify at room temperature. This is because straight valves are designed so that the outlet pipe is in line with the inlet pipe and the fluid has a good chance of staying there in the case of horizontal piping. In the case of angle valves, the outlet pipe is directed towards the bottom. This allows the fluid to drain off. In turn, this prevents clogging and/or corrosion of the valve components over a period of time. A globe valve can also have a body in the shape of a "Y". This will allow the construction of the valve to be straight at the bottom as opposed to the conventional pot type construction (to arrange bottom seat) in case of other valves. This will again allow the fluid to pass through without difficulty and minimizes fluid clogging/corrosion in the long term.Specifications: Product Name Cast Steel Flange Ends Globe Valve PN10~PN100 WCB/CF8M1. MaterialSS304/316/304L/316L ( CF8/CF8M/CF3/CF3M), WCB, WCC, LCB,LCC,WC6,WC9, C5,C12, etc2. Size2’'~36'' ( DN50~DN900)3. Thread standardISO9001 & CE, TS4. PortFull Port5. Working PressurePN10/PN16/PN25/PN40/PN64/PN1006. Connection EndsRF, RTJ, FF, Butt-welding.7. Working Temp.-29~425℃, or according to customer requirements for different industry.8. Suitable MediumWater, Natural Gas, Oil and some corrosive liquid9. OperatedGear Operated, Pneumatic Actuator, Electric Actuator.10. Inspection & TestingAccording to API598Shipment  Delivery Time15~20 DaysPackageStandard Exporting Plywood CaseShipping PortNingbo/Shanghai, ChinaShipping TermsExw, FOB, CFR, CIF, etc.Payment TermsT/T, Western Union, PayPal, etc. 30% prepayment, 70% balance paid before shipping or against copy of BLCountry of OriginWenzhou city, ChinaProduction Capacity6000 ton/yearMOQ10 PCS/sizeTechnical Specification: 1.Design and Manufacture:EN137092.Inspection and Test:ISO 5208、 EN122663.Flanged ends dimension:EN 1092-1、DIN2544 PN 25、DIN2545 PN40、DIN 2546 PN644.Butt-welded ends dimension:EN126275.Face to face and end to end:DIN 3202 、EN 558-1 、ISO 57526.Pressure-temperature ratings:DIN 2401Globe Valve Application  Globe valves are primarily used as control valves where throttling or both throttling and shut-off are required. Globe Valves can also be used for on-off service; however, because of design, a pressure drop becomes inherent. This is generally confined to on-off applications where the valve is normally closed and pressure drop is not important when the valve is open. Globe valves are uni-directional valves and normal applications will find the globe valve with the flow and pressure under the disc. GLT cast steel globe valves are commonly made in outside screw and yoke designs with full ports and heavy-duty type discs.  Disc  The valve is normally supplied with the conical plug type disc. The disc rotates freely on the stem and incorporates a differential angle from that on the seat ring. This design provides the maximum assurance of shut off, is less likely to stick in the body seat, and is considered the simplest design for field repair.  Stem  All stem are rotating, rising and designed with integral backseat features which provide an ultimate seal during packing changes.  Packing  The stem packing is designed and arranged to ensure a maximum seal along the stem during operation or while at position, thus allowing for a greater reduction in fugitive emissions. Our packings are made of Graphite(Non-asbestos).  End Connections  Our standard end connection produce valves with:  - Flange end type with Raised Face(RF), Flat Face(FF) or Ring Type Joint(RTJ) that conform to ANSI B16.5.  - Butt-welding ends(BW) that conform to ANSI B16.25.  - Threaded ends(NPT) that conform to ANSI B1.20.1, socket weld ends that conform to NASI B16.11.  - All face to face /end to end dimensions conform to ANSI B16.10  Other special end connections are supplied according to customer’s requirements.Operator  Standard valves come with manual operator. Gear operation can be installed if required. Other accessories such as actuators, chainwheels, locking device and many others are available to meet customer requirements.Competitive Advantages: ●An ISO9001 ,CE certified manufacturer●GOOD QUALITY●RESONABLE PRICE●ON-TIME DELIVERY●STRICT EXAMINATION●SINCERE SERVICE●DURABLE IN USE●Export experience for many years●We provide you best solutions to assist you win the market.Part WCB Series 304 Series 316 Series Cr-Mo(V) Series LCB, LCC Series Body & BonnetA216 WCBA351 CF8      A351 CF3A351 CF8M      A351 CF3MA217 WC5      A217 C9      A217 C5A352 LCB      A352 LCCDiscA216 WCBA351 CF8      A351 CF3A351 CF8M      A351 CF3MA217 WC5      A217 C9      A217 C5A352 LCB      A352 LCCStemA182 F6aA182 F304      A182 F304LA182 F316      A182 F316LA182 F6aA182 F6aSeat RingA105/A182 F6aA182 F304      A182 F304LA182 F316      A182 F316LA182 F6aA182 F6aSealing MaterialCr13/Cr13      304/304      HF/304      HF/HF      316/316      HF/316      HF/Monel304/304      HF/304316/316      HF/316HF/Cr13      HF/HF316/316      HF/Monel      HF/316BackseatA182 F6aA182 F304      A182 F304LA182 F316      A182 316LA182 F6aA182 F6aYoke SleeveA439 D2A439 D2A439 D2A439 D2A439 D2StudA193 B7A320 B8A193 B8A193 B7A193 B7ButA194 2HA194 8A193 8MA194 2HA194 2HPackingGraphiteGasketSpiral Wound+Graphite/Ring Joint MetalHandwheelCarbon Steel/Ductile Cast IronNote: All the data should be confirmed with the approved drawings of manufacturer. RST VALVE is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with various sectors of society to create brilliancy together.MADE IN CHINA, FOCUS ON WORLD!


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