Non Woven Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

Specification:ModelTC-1550TC-1850TC-2300TC-2400TC-2600TC-2800TC-3000TC-3200Power Supply380Frequency20KhzWorking Width1550mm1850mm2300mm2400mm2600mm2800mm3000mm3200mmWorking speed0-18m /minuteOutput power8KW9KW11KW12KW12KW13KW14KW15KWUltrasonic sets1012151617182021Quilting Layer1-4 layersRollerDiameterΦ 136mm-Φ176mmCertificateCE QualifiedConstructure:1.Main Machine2.Control Cabinet3.Fabric Feeding Unit4.Fabric Winding UnitCharacteristics:1.Compare with traditional way,Website:,ultrasonic quilting is of more cementation, clearly embossed surface and more three-dimensional effect, looking more high-classed and beautiful.2.becuase of needleless, so avoid to leave the needle inside the product, eliminate the security risks, It’s a new safety and environmental protection product.3.Easy to change roller and thousand patterns available,customer’s pattern also acceptable4.Higher speed than needle quilting method5.humanized design enable easy operationProducts Application: Mattress, multicover, bedcover, bed sheet, cushion pillow, table mats, blanket, seat cushion, winter jacket, robes, polo cases, apron, sleeping bag, show jacket, car seat cover,lady bags,home textile,etc


至: ChangZhou TengChao Machinery Co.,Ltd
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