Sparkling Wine Storage Tank

Sparkling wine storage tankThese tanks are intended for production of sparkling wine according to the tank method. In the tank method or charmant method (named after the French winemaker Eugene Charmant,Website:, who pioneered this method), the second fermentation is conducted in large, closed, pressurised tanks. The tank method is much simpler and shorter than the classical method, in which the second fermentation is conducted in bottles. Pressurised tanks for production of sparkling wine are equipped with a valve to achieve isobaric conditions and a decantation valve to remove sediment. They also have a safety valve, a level indicator, a manometer, an agitator, a thermometer and a double jacket, which enables an efficient cooling or heating. Configurations:  SS304 Brushed surface Cylindrical shell Dished top and bottom 4 legs Adjustable feet, Side oval manhole Dimple cooling jacket (cooling coil) Insulation layer PU foam Welded stainless cladding Inlet/outlet Drain outlet Thermometer Pressure gauge Breathing valve Sampling valve Side agitator Level gauge CIP system Butterfly valve& tri clampsCapacity: kl      VShell dimension: mm      DTotal height: mm      HLegs      NCooling area      m2PST1920*1500218031.4PST21270*1610260032.2PST31500*1830300043PST41600*2000325044PST51600*2440365045PST61800*2440350045.5PST81820*3050465047PST101900*3660505048.5PST121900*42705750410PST152000*48805950412PST20 2300*48806100414PST252600*48806050415PST302600*550065504/618PST402900*610074004/622PST50 3200*61007600625PST603300*70007830630PST803800*7320830036PST1004000*8540950050PST1504700*8820996072PST2005200*97501085082PST2505500*1050011650100PST3006000*1060011900135


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