API 5D S135 DRILL PIPESWe are leading manufacturer and stockist of API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES in China.SPECIFICATIONS OF API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES     Size  Nominal mass      Lb/ftCalculated weight Wpe      Grade   Wall thicknessUpset ends (See note) for weld-on tool jointin.mmlb/ftkg/min.mm2 3/860.36.656.269.32E,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com,X,G,S0.2807.11EU2 7/873.010.49.7214.48E,X,G,S0.3629.19EU 、 IU3 1/288.99.508.8113.12E0.2546.45EU 、 IU3 1/288.913.3012.3118.34E,X,G,S0.3689.35EU 、 IU3 1/288.915.5014.6321.79E0.44911.40EU 、 IU3 1/288.915.5014.6321.79X,G,S0.44911.40EU 、 IEU4101.614.0012.9319.26E,X,G,S0.3308.38EU 、 IU4 1/2114.313.7512.2418.23E0.2716.88EU 、 IU4 1/2114.316.6014.9822.31E,X,G,S0.3378.56EU 、 IEU4 1/2114.320.0018.6927.84E,X,G,S0.43010.92EU 、 IEU5127.016.2514.8722.15X,G,S0.2967.52IU5127.019.5017.9326.71E0.3629.19IEU5127.019.5017.9326.71X,G,S0.3629.19EU 、 IEU5127.025.6024.0335.79E0.50012.70IEU5127.025.6024.0335.79X,G,S0.50012.70EU 、 IEU5 1/2139.721.9019.8129.51E,X,G,S0.3619.17IEU5 1/2139.724.7022.5433.57E,X,G,S0.41510.54IEU注/Note: EU - External upsetIU - Internal upsetIEU - Internal & External upsetAPI 5D S135 DRILL PIPES Mechanical Properties Tensile of API 5D S135 DRILL PIPESGroupGradeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation, Min.Percent in 2 in. (50.80mm)%MinimumMaximumMinimumpsiMpapsiMpapsiMpa1E-7575000517105000724100000689See footnote3X-9595000655125000862105000724See footnoteG-105105000724135000931115000793See footnoteS-13513500093116500011381450001000See footnoteWeld Zone Parameters Steel GradeMin. Yield StrengthMin. Tensile StrengthMin. ElongationMin. AKV ImpactMpaMpa%JE-755176891320 (Average)      15 (Min Single)X-95609712G-105655724S-135724793API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES Usage: Drill Pipe Drilling is a major component, the above linked side drill pipe, drill collar couples below, the role of Torque Transmission, downward drilling bits, plus the Sham Tseng eyes.Types of API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES  API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES EU  API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES IU  API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES IEU  API 5D X95DRILL PIPES EU  API 5D X95 DRILL PIPES IU  API 5D X95 DRILL PIPES IEUONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of API 5D S135 DRILL PIPES please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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