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We are leading manufacturer and stockist of pipe joints in China.pipe joints DescriptionThe pipe joints offers a method of providing joint restraint with a standard mechanical joint socket of a pipe,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com, fitting, valve or other product. It is available in sizes 4" through 12" with a pressure rating of 350 psi and deflection capability up to 2 1⁄2°, and in 14" through 48" with a pressure rating of 250 psi intended for installation in essentially straight alignment. CONTACT PESCO if larger sizes or greater deflections are desired. The pipe joints are commonly used as a method of joint restraint for mechanical joint all-bell fittings and especially to restrain the valves.The pipe joints material consists of a standard mechanical joint gasket and a standard ductile iron joint gland. The restraint gland1 is ductile iron and is factory assembled on the pipe behind a welded-on 1⁄2" square alloy steel retaining ring. The pipe joints restraining hardware is recommended to be Type 304 stainless steel. Tee-head bolts are special-length bolts.It is sometimes possible to provide for field-cutting and positive, even "drop-in" field-adaptable restraint in restrained piping areas by using the pipe joints where the weld ring and restraint gland are intentionally moved farther away from the joints, and the standard short studs of the joint are replaced by longer threaded rods in the field. Threaded rods, of course, can also be cut to suit in the field. Similar effect can also be accomplished utilizing standard fabricated, stuffing-box couplings and similarly modified "Coupling Gland Ends." CONTACT PESCO for additional information on this.The restraint gland for 30"-48" sizes is a substantially rectangular cross-section ductile iron gland.The following pipe joints items are what we can manufacture and supply.Flexible Expansion Joint, SS, ASME B16.5EN 1092 PN1 Expansion Joint, DN2000, FlangedEN 1092 PN1 Expansion Joint, DN2000, FlangedDisplay 13 - 14 of 14 Pipe JExpansion Joint, Carbon Steel, 12 InchDismantling Joint, Ductile Iron GGG500-7Dismantling Joint, Ductile Iron GGG500-7Multi-bellow Expansion Joint, 8 Inch, PN64Multi-bellow Expansion Joint, 8 Inch, PN64Flexible Hose, SS316, Flanged, 4 InchFlexible Hose, SS316, Flanged, 4 InchFlange Adaptor, Ductile Iron, PN16, DN700Epoxy Dismantling Joint, DI, 80 InchEpoxy Dismantling Joint, DI, 80 InchBellow Expansion Joint, ANSI B16.5, 600 PSIGBellow Expansion Joint, ANSI B16.5, 600 PSIGEpoxy Dismantling Joint, Ductile Iron, PN16Epoxy Dismantling Joint, Ductile Iron, PN16SMLS Isolating Joint, BW, ASME B31.4SMLS Isolating Joint, BW, ASME B31.4Carbon Steel Flexible Joint, Flanged, DN100Carbon Steel Flexible Joint, Flanged, DN100Flexible Joint, Rubber, DN400, PN16Flexible Joint, Rubber, DN400, PN16ASTM A536 Flange Adaptor, 3 Inch, OrangeASTM A536 Flange Adaptor, 3 Inch, OrangeHigh Pressure pipe jointsstainless pipe jointssuper duplex pipe jointsspecial pipe jointsCopper Alloys pipe jointsCopper pipe jointsTitanium alloy pipe jointsTitanium alloy pipe jointsAluminum alloy pipe jointsAluminum pipe jointstungsten alloy pipe jointstungsten pipe jointsmolybdenum alloy pipe jointsmolybdenum pipe jointslow temprature pipe jointsButtweld pipe jointshigh temprature pipe jointsMagnesium Alloy pipe jointsIncoloy pipe jointsInconel pipe jointsMonel pipe jointsHastelloy pipe jointsNimonic pipe jointsHaynes pipe jointsRene alloy pipe jointsNickel pipe jointsChrome pipe jointsChrome alloy pipe jointsalloy pipe jointsCASTING pipe jointsduplex pipe jointsONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICESSUPERIOR QUALITYPROMPT DELIVERYFAVORABLE FEEDBACKALL AVAILABLE IN PESCOSELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of pipe joints, please send us enquiry and you will have quick reply soon. 


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