DIN 17175 Steel Tubes

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of DIN 17175 steel tubes in China.DIN 17175 steel tubes Spesifications DIN 17175 steel tubes Sizes (O.D. x W.T): from 13.7mm -- 219.1mm x 1.5mm to 28mm DIN 17175 steel tubes Stanard: DIN17175 DIN 17175 steel tubes Steel Grade: ST35.8,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com,ST45.8,15Mo3,13CrMo44 DIN 17175 steel tubes Surface: oiled or black painted to prevent rust DIN 17175 steel tubes Marking: as per customer's requirement                          DIN 17175 steel tubesMechanicalPropertyChemicalComponentsMaterialTensilestrength(MPa)Yieldstrength(MPa)Elongation(%)CSiMnP、SCrMoSt35.8360~480≥235≥25≤0.170.10~0.350.40~0.80≤0.030//St45.8410~530≥255≥21≤0.210.10~0.350.40~1.20≤0.030//15Mo3450~600≥270≥200.12~0.200.10~0.350.40~0.80≤0.030/0.25~0.3513CrMo44440~590≥290≥200.10~0.180.10~0.350.40~0.70≤0.0300.70~1.100.45~0.6510CrMo910450~600≥280≥180.08~0.15≤0.500.40~0.70≤0.0302.00~2.500.90~1.20DIN 17175 steel tubesMechanicalProperty&ChemicalComponentsMaterialTensilestrength(MPa)Yieldstrength(MPa)Elongation(%)CSiMnP、SCrMoSt35.8360~480≥235≥25≤0.170.10~0.350.40~0.80≤0.030//St45.8410~530≥255≥21≤0.210.10~0.350.40~1.20≤0.030//15Mo3450~600≥270≥200.12~0.200.10~0.350.40~0.80≤0.030/0.25~0.3513CrMo44440~590≥290≥200.10~0.180.10~0.350.40~0.70≤0.0300.70~1.100.45~0.6510CrMo910450~600≥280≥180.08~0.15The types of DIN 17175 steel tubes  DIN 17175 ST35.8 steel tubes  DIN 17175 ST45.8 steel tubes  DIN 17175 15Mo3 steel tubes  DIN 17175 10CrMo910 steel tubes  DIN 17175 13CrMo44 steel tubes  Heat-resisting seamless steel tube  Seamless precision steel tubes  Precision welded steel tube  DIN 17174 STEEL PIPESONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of DIN 17175 steel tubes, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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