We are leading manufacturer and stockist of CTE COATED STEEL PIPES in China.CTE COATED STEEL PIPES are protective coating that consists of tar,Website:http://www.petrosteels.com, various fillers, a gelling agent, as well as a curing agent.The coating systems of CTE COATED STEEL PIPES comply to AWWA C-203 consist of one coat of liquid adhesive followed by by a hot applied coal-tar or asphalt enamel on which a single layer of specified outer wrap shall be applied. The coating shall then be finished whit either one coat of water-resistant whitewash or water-emulsion latex paint, or a single wrap of kaft paper. the resulting construction of the exterior coating system shall consist of liquid adhesive (50-100 micron), coal-tar enamel(2.4mm± 0.8 mm), outer wrap and finish coat. Thicker coating construction is also acceptable.Designed to apply a suitable CTE COATED STEEL PIPES on the external pipe surface as per AWWA, BS or customer specified coating specifications. This CTE COATED STEEL PIPES plant is used for corrosion & mechanical protection of Oil, Gas and Water Pipelines. We most often produce CTE COATED STEEL PIPES when we have material that will be used for pilings in different bodies of water. This coating does a great job of keeping the pilings free of any corrosion that may occur from the water. With pilings coated in CTE COATED STEEL PIPES, they will remain corrosion-free for much longer than bare pipe. CTE COATED STEEL PIPES also provides a coating that wards off many mild chemicals, acids, and alkali solutions that are often found in extreme environments.ONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICESSUPERIOR QUALITYPROMPT DELIVERYFAVORABLE FEEDBACKALL AVAILABLE IN PESCOSELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of CTE COATED STEEL PIPES, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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