We are leading manufacturer and stockist of STAINLESS 310 in China.Chemical Composition Limits of STAINLESS 310Weight%CSiMnP + S maxCrNiFeMoCuAlloy 3100.08 max1.00 max2.0 max0.040 P      0.030 S24-2619-22Bal0.75 max0.75 maxAlloy 310 is a austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel. Alloy 310 is used where good corrosion and heat resistance are required. Alloy 310 has excellent oxidation resistance and can resist oxidation or scaling up to 2000°F. Due to this Alloy 310 is widely used for furnace applications.STAINLESS 310 Mechanical PropertiesAlloyUltimate Tensile Strength (ksi)Yield Strength (ksi)Elongation %Reduction of Area (%)Hardness HRBType 310      Sheet (Sol Trtd)      AMS 552175-1003040-95 maxType 310      Bar (Sol Trtd)      AMS 5651----187 maxSTAINLESS 310 Specifications  AMS 5521 Sheet / strip / plate  AMS 5572 Seamless tube  AMS 5577 Welded tube  AMS 5651 Bar / wire / forging  QQ-S-763  ASTM A240 / ASME SA240  ASTM A167 / ASME SA167  ASTM A276 / ASME SA276  ASTM A479 / ASME SA479  ASTM A484 / ASME SA484  ASTM A176 / ASME SA176  BS 970; 310S24  WS 1.4842  WS 1.4845  AFNOR Z12CN25-20  UNS S31000 (310)  UNS S31008 (310S)The STAINLESS 310 items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  STAINLESS 310S  STAINLESS 310 Rod  STAINLESS 310 Rings  STAINLESS 310 Forgings  STAINLESS 310 pipe  STAINLESS 310 tube  STAINLESS 310 bars  STAINLESS 310 plates  STAINLESS 310 sheets  STAINLESS 310 Strip  STAINLESS 310 wire  STAINLESS 310 fitting Union  STAINLESS 310 Pipe Elbows  STAINLESS 310 PIPE Tee  STAINLESS 310 ADAPTERS  STAINLESS 310 pipe bend  STAINLESS 310 reducers  STAINLESS 310 fitting caps  STAINLESS 310 pipe outlets  STAINLESS 310 Stub Ends  STAINLESS 310 Couplings  STAINLESS 310 pipe Nipples  STAINLESS 310 BUSHINGS  STAINLESS 310 pipes sockets  STAINLESS 310 Pipe Gasket  STAINLESS 310 pipe joints  STAINLESS 310 pipe Cross  STAINLESS 310 Pipe Wyes  STAINLESS 310 seal ring  STAINLESS 310 Flange  STAINLESS 310 bolts  STAINLESS 310 nuts  STAINLESS 310S Rod  STAINLESS 310S Rings  STAINLESS 310S Forgings  STAINLESS 310S pipe  STAINLESS 310S tube  STAINLESS 310S bars  STAINLESS 310S plates  STAINLESS 310S sheets  STAINLESS 310S Strip  STAINLESS 310S wire ONE OF THE KIND,Website:, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of STAINLESS 310, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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