STAINLESS 301 Annealed

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of STAINLESS 301 Annealed in China.Technical Data of STAINLESS 301 Annealed STAINLESS 301 Annealed Chemical Composition LimitsWeight%CSiMnP + S maxCrNiCuMoFeAMS 5901    301 Annealed0.15 max1.00 max2.0 max0.040 P      0.030 S16-186-80.75 max0.75 maxBalGrade 301 is a 17% Chromium / 7% Nickel austenitic stainless steel. It is supplied in a range of different conditions/tempers depending on the level of strength required. It has good resistance to atmosphere corrosion and its bright attractive surface make it an excellent choice for decorative structural applications.STAINLESS 301 Annealed Typical Mechanical Properties ConditionTensile Strength Min0.2% Yield Strength MinElongation % in 2" (50.8mm)Hardness HRCKsiMPaKsiMPaAMS 5901      301 Annealed75515302054092 HRBAMS 5517      301 1/4 Hard125862755172525AMS 5518      301 1/2 Hard1501,Website:,0341107581832AMS 5902      301 3/4 Hard1751,2071259311237AMS 5519      301 Full Hard1851,276140965941Related Specifications of STAINLESS 301 Annealed  AMS 5517 301 1/4 Hard Stainless Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, 125ksi min (MIL-S-5059)  AMS 5518 301 1/2 Hard Stainless Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, 150ksi min (MIL-S-5059)  AMS 5902 301 3/4 Hard Stainless Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, 175ksi min (MIL-S-5059)  AMS 5519 301 Full Hard Stainless Steel sheet and strip, cold rolled, 185ksi min (MIL-S-5059)  UNS S30100The STAINLESS 301 Annealed items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Rod  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Rings  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Forgings  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe  STAINLESS 301 Annealed tube  STAINLESS 301 Annealed bars  STAINLESS 301 Annealed plates  STAINLESS 301 Annealed sheets  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Strip  STAINLESS 301 Annealed wire  STAINLESS 301 Annealed fitting Union  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Pipe Elbows  STAINLESS 301 Annealed PIPE Tee  STAINLESS 301 Annealed ADAPTERS  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe bend  STAINLESS 301 Annealed reducers  STAINLESS 301 Annealed fitting caps  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe outlets  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Stub Ends  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Couplings  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe Nipples  STAINLESS 301 Annealed BUSHINGS  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipes sockets  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Pipe Gasket  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe joints  STAINLESS 301 Annealed pipe Cross  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Pipe Wyes  STAINLESS 301 Annealed seal ring  STAINLESS 301 Annealed Flange  STAINLESS 301 Annealed bolts  STAINLESS 301 Annealed nuts  STAINLESS 301 1/4 Hard  STAINLESS 301 1/2 Hard  STAINLESS 301 Full Hard  STAINLESS 302 ONE OF THE KIND, MILLIONS OF CHOICES  SUPERIOR QUALITY  PROMPT DELIVERY  FAVORABLE FEEDBACK  ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO  SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHTFor more info and price of STAINLESS 301 Annealed, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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