Prototype PCB Assembly

Union Circuits offer quick-turn prototype,Website:, low to medium volume PCB Fabrication as well as the PCB assembly services, we provide full turnkey or partial turnkey services, you can supply us partial or all of the components, or we source them by ourselves, that’s all ok to us. When all the parts and components are ready, we can offer 24 Hours quick-turn prototyping assembly service, we handle small quantity as well as volume production orders. All our services are at a competitive price and with 100% guaranteed quality. Quick Review of Union Circuits PCB Assembly Services:· PCB Fabrication· Prototype PCB Assembly· Full or Partial Turnkey Assembly· Components Sourcing· SMT & Through Hole Assembly(0402 & 0201)· QFN & BGA Assembly· AOI Testing· Cable & Wire Harness Assembly· Box Build· IC Programming· Component Procurement & Kitting· Functional Testing· Material Inventory Management· Parts Incoming Check· Electrical Characteristics AnalysisPlease send your Gerber with all the specs and BOM to for a quick quote.


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