BS 4S14

We are leading manufacturer and stockist of BS 4S14 in China.Non-Corrosion Resisting Alloy BS 4S14BS 4S14 Technical Data Sheet     BS 4S14 Chemical Composition LimitsWeight%CSiMnP+S maxNiLimited Ruling Section4S140.10-0.150.10-0.350.40-0.700.0400.30 max13mm4S140.10-0.180.10-0.350.60-1.000.0400.30 max13-19mmBS 4S14 Chemically similar British Specifications BS.970 Pt3Weight%CSiMnP+S maxOthers045M10    (EN32A)0.07-0.130.10-0.400.30-0.500..050-060A150.13-0.180.40 max0.50-0.700.050-080A150.13-0.180.40 max0.70-0.900.050-080M15    (EN32C)0.12-0.180.10-0.400.60-1.000.050-BS 4S14 Other Chemically similar SpecificationsWeight%CSiMnP+S maxOthersAFNOR CC100.05-0.150.30 max0.30-0.600.040-AFNOR CC120.06-0.180.30 max0.40-0.700.050-AISI 1012 / SAE 10120.10-0.150.10 max0.30-0.60P 0.040      S 0.050-AISI 1016 / SAE 10160.13-0.180.15-0.300.60-0.90P 0.040      S 0.050-MIL-S-16974E-10.13-0.180.30 max0.30-0.60P 0.040      S 0.050-MIL-S-16974E-20.11-0.200.30 max0.30-0.60P 0.040      S 0.050-MSRR 6064-----WS 1.1144-----WS 1.03010.07-0.130.15-0.350.30-0.600.045-WS 1.04010.12-0.180.15-0.350.30-0.600.045-BS 4S14 Mechanical Properties     GradeTensile Strength (tonf/in)Rp 0.2 Yield Strength (tonf / in² )ElongationA% on 5.65 √50Ruling SectionS14 HT35-131/2" - 3/4"The BS 4S14 items which we can manufacture and supply are the followings.  BS 4S14 Rod  BS 4S14 Rings  BS 4S14 Forgings  BS 4S14 pipe  BS 4S14 tube  BS 4S14 bars  BS 4S14 plates  BS 4S14 sheets  BS 4S14 Strip  BS 4S14 wire  BS 4S14 fitting Union  BS 4S14 Pipe Elbows  BS 4S14 PIPE Tee  BS 4S14 ADAPTERS  BS 4S14 pipe bend  BS 4S14 reducers  BS 4S14 fitting caps  BS 4S14 pipe outlets  BS 4S14 Stub Ends  BS 4S14 Couplings  BS 4S14 pipe Nipples  BS 4S14 BUSHINGS  BS 4S14 pipes sockets  BS 4S14 Pipe Gasket  BS 4S14 pipe joints  BS 4S14 pipe Cross  BS 4S14 Pipe Wyes  BS 4S14 seal ring  BS 4S14 Flange  BS 4S14 bolts  BS 4S14 nutsONE OF THE KIND,Website:, MILLIONS OF CHOICES SUPERIOR QUALITY PROMPT DELIVERY FAVORABLE FEEDBACK ALL AVAILABLE IN PESCO SELECT PESCO, YOU WILL BE RIGHT For more info and price of BS 4S14, please send us inquiry and you will have quick reply soon.


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